Cesar 911 (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: On “Cesar 911,” the world’s most loved dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, rescues neighborhoods terrorized by badly misbehaving pooches. Each week, Cesar is called in by whistleblowers who tell on the four-legged thugs who scare neighbors, clients, friends, and even family members! Cesar surprises dog owners to witness the chaos firsthand and uses his unmatched expertise to bring balance to the dogs and humans. Read More



Episode 11: Izzy in a Tizzy
Episode 10: Ay Chihuahua!
Episode 9: Rocky Road
Episode 8: Big Bad Buddy
Episode 7: For the Love of Leon
Episode 4: Duk Duk & Cover
Episode 3: Hard Target
Episode 2: The Biggest Loser
Episode 1: The Trouble with Truffles
Episode 12: Nani Nightmare
Episode 11: Holly's Terror
Episode 10: Not So Gentle Giant
Episode 9: Aggressive Little Monsters
Episode 8: Twice Bitten
Episode 7: Raging Pit Bull
Episode 6: Devil or Saint
Episode 5: Tasi the Terrible
Episode 4: SOS!
Episode 3: Caged and Confused
Episode 2: Kicked to the Curb
Episode 1: Loaded Gunny