Carpoolers (2007)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Four guys who carpool to work every day come to savor their commute as the only safe time to commiserate about jobs, families - and secrets. Even though "what happens in the carpool stays in the carpool," they'll go beyond the boundaries of this fast-moving commuter confessional to get involved in each other's lives and develop friendships. Read More



Episode 13: Take Your Daughter To Work Day
Episode 12: Lost In America
Episode 11: The Recital
Episode 10: Wheels of Fortune
Episode 9: The Handsomest Man
Episode 8: First Fight
Episode 7: The Seminar
Episode 6: The Code
Episode 5: A Divorce to Remember
Episode 4: Down for the Count
Episode 3: Who Would You Do?
Episode 2: Laird of the Rings
Episode 1: Dougie's First Day