Caribbean Life (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: We follow families as they leave the mainland behind and head to the Caribbean to live on island time. Join their search for an affordable slice of heaven, touring gorgeous homes on white sandy beaches. You don't have be rich to live in paradise! Read More



Episode 15: Making a Splash on Utila
Episode 14: Making a Splash on Utila
Episode 12: Mating for Life Like Ostriches on Aruba
Episode 11: A New Family Venture on St. Thomas
Episode 9: Girls Just Want to Have Fun on Aruba
Episode 6: Bringing the Family Home to Roatan
Episode 5: Pulling the Trigger and Ending a Three-Year Search on Roatan
Episode 13: Paddling Into a New Life on St. Thomas
Episode 10: A New Life on Utila
Episode 6: Checking In To a Life on St. Croix
Episode 5: Strong Opinions and Strong Drinks on St. Maarten
Episode 2: Beach Views or Bust on St. Croix
Episode 14: Fairyland House on St. Thomas
Episode 12: Room for 9 in Roatan, Honduras
Episode 7: Growing as a Family on St. Thomas
Episode 4: Back Home to The Bahamas
Episode 2: Living Among the Flora of Bocas del Toro, Panama
Episode 1: Testing New Waters in Sosua, Dominican Republic
Episode 7: Starting Fresh on Roatan
Episode 6: Dreaming Big on St. John
Episode 3: Relocating to Paradise
Episode 1: On the Hunt For Waterfront on St. Thomas
Episode 13: Family Time in Puerto Rico
Episode 10: Finding Solace on Roatan Honduras
Episode 8: Feeling Salty on St. Thomas
Episode 9: Bocas Del Toro Or Bust
Episode 4: A New Chapter in the Dominican Republic
Episode 2: Trading Scrubs for Wet Suits
Episode 14: Flying High in Cabarete
Episode 12: A Stylish Life On Grand Cayman
Episode 9: Soaking in the Dominican Sun
Episode 10: Snowy Boston to Sunny Vieques
Episode 13: A New Career On St. Croix
Episode 12: Buying in the Bahamas
Episode 11: Desperately Seeking Sea Views
Episode 10: Opening Up in Bocas del Toro
Episode 9: A Grand Home On Grand Cayman
Episode 8: Canadian Couple Seek Great Diving in Utila
Episode 7: A Doctor and Nurse Take the Plunge in St. Croix
Episode 6: Bringing It All Back Home
Episode 5: Finding Her Passion In Utila
Episode 3: The Bahamas Beckons a Florida Couple
Episode 14: Bill and Mary
Episode 13: Curtis and Eva
Episode 12: Brad and Meredith
Episode 11: Goodbye NYC, Hello St. John
Episode 10: Canada To Dominican Republic
Episode 9: From D.C. To St. Maarten
Episode 7: Erik and Samantha
Episode 5: Bye Ontario, Hello Barbados
Episode 3: From Texas To St. Thomas
Episode 2: Brian and Sarah