Care Bears: Unlock the Magic (2019)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: A group of lovable, huggable BFFs go on adventures and live that sweet Care Bear life. When a new adventure takes them to a strange new world, the bears have to lean on each other more than ever. Through friendship, courage and a little belly badge magic, the Care Bears continue their mission to spread caring and sharing to the world. Read More



Episode 49: Say What?
Episode 48: The Last Laugh
Episode 47: Out of the Cheer Zone
Episode 46: Some Luck
Episode 45: Valley of the Shamrocks
Episode 44: Let the Fun Shine
Episode 43: After the Klatternack!
Episode 42: Once Upon a Rainbow
Episode 41: Plunk to the Rescue
Episode 40: Sorry Not Sorry
Episode 39: Finders Keepers
Episode 38: The Incredible Shrinking Bears
Episode 37: Road Trip
Episode 36: Rise and Funshine!
Episode 35: The Ultimate Bad Seed
Episode 34: Water, Water Everywhere
Episode 33: The Light in the Forest
Episode 32: Hide and Sneak
Episode 31: Dibble's Dust-Up
Episode 30: Where Oh Where Has Our Funshine Gone?
Episode 29: Power Outage
Episode 28: The Return of the Gnomes
Episode 27: Snow-verload
Episode 26: Monsterplant
Episode 25: Share Your Care
Episode 24: The Birthday That Wasn't
Episode 23: Neon Beach Party
Episode 22: One Wise Bear
Episode 21: The Badge of Courage
Episode 20: Three Cheers for Cheer!
Episode 19: The Big Rumble
Episode 18: A Wish-full Reunion
Episode 17: Riffle the Whiffle
Episode 16: On the Trail of the Cloud Bouncer
Episode 15: Things That Go Plunk
Episode 14: The Grumpy Effect
Episode 13: If It's Broke, Fix It
Episode 12: An Almost Eggless Easter
Episode 11: The Great Giggle
Episode 10: Festival of Hearts
Episode 9: Funshine's Unfun Day
Episode 8: Mixed Signals
Episode 7: The Big Whifflesnooze
Episode 6: Waffle Cones for Whiffles
Episode 5: Rain Rain Go Away
Episode 4: A Yoorg Awakening
Episode 3: Nobody's Perfect
Episode 2: A Patch of Perturbed Petunias
Episode 1: The Beginning