Car Fix (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: A car show on Velocity T.V. that casts two guys, Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman, who fix and restore cars. They fix anything from the classics to modern day vehicles, feature performance products in the industry and show how most of these jobs are simple enough to complete at home with the right tools and experience. Read More

Next Episode 10x8 Date: May 15th



Episode 7: '73 Challenger Hellcat
Episode 6: Supercharged Studebaker
Episode 5: Project Deceptive
Episode 4: LS3 Stepside
Episode 3: Fuller Daily Driver
Episode 2: Project FJ40
Episode 1: "Public Enemy" 33 Hot Rod
Episode 15: Diesel Engine Swap
Episode 3: BMW Transplant
Episode 1: Plymouth GTX
Episode 16: LT4 G-Body
Episode 15: Ford Galaxie
Episode 14: Tubular Fox Body
Episode 13: Pantera
Episode 12: Four Wheel Drive to All Wheel Drive
Episode 11: 9 sec 991 Porsche
Episode 10: Mini Restoration
Episode 9: Cammer Saleen
Episode 8: Time to Ride-Power Tour
Episode 7: Hot Rod Power Tour Build
Episode 6: Iroc Convertible
Episode 5: Shelby GT
Episode 4: 575 Exhaust
Episode 3: Monte Carlo LS
Episode 2: Barracuda Brakes
Episode 1: 80's Restore
Episode 9: Welding 101