Burning Love (2012)


Genre: Comedy , Romance

Plot: Burning Love is a scripted comedy series which is a web spoof of the television shows The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. Depending on the season, the show either follows a man or a woman who is looking for the perfect mate from a pool of contestants, or has contestants living together in a mansion competing for a cash prize. Ben Stiller is executive co-producer. Season 1 showcases fireman Mark Orlando as the bachelor. Season 2 of the series, which premiered in February 2013, stars June Diane Raphael reprising her role as season 1 contestant Julie, now the bachelorette given the chance to find the perfect man. Season 3 also premiered in 2013 and starred former contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 competing for a $900 prize rather than for love. Read More



Episode 13: Dancing!
Episode 12: The Twist Twists Again
Episode 9: A Shocking Twist
Episode 7: Doctor Doctor
Episode 5: Fruit Run
Episode 3: Hugging Contest
Episode 1: Limo Arrivals
Episode 13: Proposals
Episode 11: Meet the Families
Episode 9: Photo Shoot
Episode 7: Happy Campers
Episode 5: Back to School
Episode 3: Puppet Show
Episode 1: Limo Introductions
Episode 13: Finale
Episode 11: Meet the Family
Episode 9: Episode 9
Episode 7: Skating, Roller Skating
Episode 6: Episode 6
Episode 5: Pool Party
Episode 4: Belly Laughs
Episode 3: Bull Riding
Episode 2: Meet the Ladies
Episode 1: Meet Mark Orlando