Bump in the Night (1994)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Bump in the Night is an animated series by Danger Productions that was filmed using stop-motion animation and aired on ABC from 1994 to 1995. It was created and directed by Ken Pontac and David Bleiman. The series was then broadcast on Toon Disney from 1998 to 2001. Read More



Episode 13: Not a Leg to Stand On
Episode 12: Made in Japan II
Episode 11: Water Way to Go / Cold Turkey
Episode 10: Neat and Clean / Nothing But the Tooth
Episode 9: When the Music Starts
Episode 8: I Got Needs / Beauty and the Bump
Episode 7: Bump and Roll
Episode 6: Comfort Schmumfort
Episode 5: It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)
Episode 4: Auntie Matta / Bumpy the Untrappable
Episode 3: It Sang from Beyond the Stars / Journey to the Center of the Lungfish
Episode 2: Love Stinks / Love's Labor Bumped
Episode 1: Long Long Day / Destructo's Flipside
Episode 13: The Bowl of the Squishy Prince / All You Need is Glove
Episode 12: I Dream of Silverfish / Story Problems
Episode 11: Penny For Your Thoughts / Farewell, 2 Arms
Episode 10: Adventures In Microbia / Not a Peep!
Episode 9: A Sneeze in Time / Hocus Dopus
Episode 8: Party Poopers
Episode 7: Baby Jail / Night of the Living Bread
Episode 6: Sock It To Me / Comforting the Uncomfortable
Episode 5: Danger: Unexploded Squishington / Loss of Face
Episode 4: Not of This Boy's Room / To Sleep Perchance to Burp
Episode 3: Hide and Go Freak / Better Homes & Garbage
Episode 2: Gum Crazy / Baby Snail
Episode 1: Made in Japan / Dr. Coddle, M.D.