BTS: Burn the Stage (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: BTS: Burn The Stage is a YouTube Red original series consisting 8 episodes in one season. The documentary- style show revolves around the 7 member South Korean idol group BTS, who have become the hottest band in the world. The story-line follows their journey across the globe for their Wings: Live Trilogy World tour. It features their life, their dreams, achievements, troubles, philosophy, passion, their love for music, dance and the stage. It offers viewers a deep, emotional, genuine and heartfelt side of the group's life that is often kept locked away. It's an approach by the group to tell their stories as human beings, rather than idol stars to their fans. All of the successful that they achieve is beacuse of they're patient and because of their fans called ARMY. Read More



Episode 8: I NEED YOU
Episode 7: Best Of Me
Episode 6: Moonchild
Episode 5: I can't stop
Episode 4: It‘s on you and I
Episode 3: Just give me a smile
Episode 2: You already have the answer
Episode 1: I'd do it all