Broadway The American Musical (2004)


Genre: Documentary , Music

Plot: This six part documentary miniseries presents the evolution of the Broadway musical from its inception in 1893 to current day 2004. It presents those influential players both on stage and behind the scenes, as well as a variety of influential Broadway shows, a handful which are known to have transformed the musical into what the audience knows it to be today. The Broadway musical was often a reflection of what was happening in the world, but almost as often was meant to be an escape from problems of the world. Specific world events had a profound influence on the overall tone of Broadway shows, some of these events being wars (especially the world wars), Prohibition, the stock market crash, the Great Depression, and 9/11. Broadway musicals were also affected by the onset on various new media, such as talking movies and television. They in turn influenced other popular culture, especially what was known as the popular music of the day, especially up until the 1960s. Broadway musicals ultimately would become global commodities with many shows beginning their life elsewhere besides New York, and with many Broadway shows brought to the world stages through touring companies, regional productions and amateur productions. Read More



Episode 6: Putting It Together (1980-2004)
Episode 5: Tradition (1957-1979)
Episode 4: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (1943-1960)
Episode 3: I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (1930-1942)
Episode 2: Syncopated City (1919-1933)
Episode 1: Give My Regards to Broadway (1893-1927)