Bridget & Eamon (2016)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Bridget & Eamon are the typical unhappily married 80s Irish couple. They live somewhere in the Midlands with their indeterminate number of children. Chain-smoking Bridget has notions. She wants the lifestyle from the pages of Woman’s Way but wouldn’t want to think about how much it would cost to heat South Fork. Read More



Episode 7: The Alien
Episode 6: The Imposter
Episode 5: The Vase
Episode 4: The Dating Agency
Episode 3: The Home Brew
Episode 2: Pints, Fights & Poetry
Episode 1: The Musical Society
Episode 7: The Day After Christmas
Episode 6: The Irish Summer
Episode 5: The Moving Statue
Episode 4: Who Called?
Episode 3: The Salon
Episode 2: The Election
Episode 1: New Best Friends
Episode 6: The La-sag-ne
Episode 5: The Last of the Cigarettes
Episode 4: The Job
Episode 3: The National Lottery
Episode 2: The Divorce Referendum
Episode 1: The Trocaire Box