Bravest Warriors (2012)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: In the year 3085, Chris, Beth, Wallow and Danny, four teenage heroes-for-hire, warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. Read More



Episode 28: It Shouldn't Ever Have to End This Way - Part 2
Episode 27: It Shouldn't Ever Have to End This Way - Part 1
Episode 26: Will Things Ever Be The Same Again?
Episode 25: Enough To Last a Lifetime
Episode 24: One in a Million Girls
Episode 23: Craft of the Father
Episode 22: Dance Into The Fire
Episode 21: A (Apple) B (Banana) C (Chili)
Episode 20: I'm Smitten, I'm Bitten, I'm Hooked, I'm Cooked
Episode 19: All I Get Is Static
Episode 18: At Night When The Program's Through
Episode 17: I.O.U. For Your Love
Episode 16: Nothin' Stays the Same
Episode 15: Think I'll Miss This One This Year
Episode 14: Footprints by the Garden Tree
Episode 13: This is Not My Beautiful House
Episode 12: Living in a Powder Keg
Episode 11: Sit Down Sip Some Bouillabaisse
Episode 10: We Can Leave Your Friends Behind
Episode 9: No Need To Argue
Episode 8: A Few Stolen Moments
Episode 7: This Dance Ain't for Everybody
Episode 6: All I Wish is to Be Alone
Episode 5: From the Inside Room
Episode 4: Chained to Your Side
Episode 3: Mirror's Reflection
Episode 2: You've Grown So Tall You've Grown So Fast
Episode 1: Whispers in the Morning
Episode 6: Emotion Fjord
Episode 5: Everything Is Okay
Episode 4: Fast Times at Saturn Oaks
Episode 3: Ghosts of the See-Through Zone
Episode 2: Himmel Mancheese
Episode 1: Dan of Future Past
Episode 12: Season of the Mitch
Episode 11: Season of the Worm
Episode 10: The Parasox Pub
Episode 9: Dimension Garden
Episode 8: Merewif Tag
Episode 7: Catbug's Away Team
Episode 6: The Puppetyville Horror
Episode 5: Jelly Kid Forever
Episode 4: Hamster Priest
Episode 3: Mexican Touchdown
Episode 2: RoboChris
Episode 1: Aeon Worm
Episode 12: Sugarbellies
Episode 11: Catbug
Episode 10: Ultra Wankershim
Episode 9: Cereal Master
Episode 8: Dan Before Time
Episode 7: Gas Powered Stick
Episode 6: Lavarinth
Episode 5: The Bunless
Episode 4: Memory Donk
Episode 3: Butter Lettuce
Episode 2: Emotion Lord
Episode 1: Time Slime