Born This Way (2015)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Reality-tv

Plot: Honesty, humor and heart are at the center of A&E's original docuseries, which highlights the outgoing personalities and amazing abilities of seven young adults born with Down syndrome. Hourlong episodes follow the Southern California residents as they pursue passions and dreams, explore friendships and romantic relationships, and generally defy society's expectations. The series also allows the parents to talk about the joy their children bring to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible. The cast includes avid sportsman and self-professed ladies' man Sean; entertainer John; school employee Cristina; and budding entrepreneur Megan. Read More



Episode 7: Our Best Friend's Wedding
Episode 6: Joyride
Episode 5: One Small Step
Episode 4: Don't Limit Kitty
Episode 3: Home Alone
Episode 2: Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 1: Pursuit of Happiness
Episode 10: Red Carpet Wars II
Episode 9: Homecoming
Episode 8: It's Complicated
Episode 7: What Love Means
Episode 6: Fallout
Episode 5: The Blindside
Episode 4: One Giant Step
Episode 3: New Man in Town
Episode 2: The Love Boat
Episode 1: The Times They Are a Changin'
Episode 11: Unlimited!
Episode 10: Oh Baby!
Episode 9: Dream Come True
Episode 8: Rough Waters
Episode 7: Reality Check
Episode 6: Great Expectations
Episode 5: Bachelor Pad
Episode 4: Rites of Passage
Episode 3: Breaking Away
Episode 2: Vegas, Baby!
Episode 1: Game of Love
Episode 6: Don't Limit Me
Episode 5: Fears and Gears
Episode 4: Love and Chromosomes
Episode 3: Dream Makers
Episode 2: What's Normal?
Episode 1: Up Syndrome