Born and Bred (2002)


Genre: Drama

Plot: Born and Bred is a light-hearted British drama series that aired on BBC One from 2002 to 2005. Born and Bred is based around the village of Ormston in Lancashire. The lead characters are Dr Arthur Gilders and his son Tom, who together run the cottage hospital under the new National Health Service. Tom is married to Deborah, who is chairman of the Parish Council, and they have four children, Helen, Michael, Catherine and Philip. The hospital's nurse is Linda Cosgrove, who is married to the village policeman, Len. The local pub is run by Phyllis Woolf and the village shop by Mr Horace Boynton. Read More



Episode 10: Someone to Watch Over Me
Episode 9: A Wrathful God
Episode 8: The Element of Surprise
Episode 7: Love is Where it Falls
Episode 6: The Milk of Human Kindness
Episode 5: Apple Day
Episode 4: Never Seek to Tell
Episode 3: Community Spirits
Episode 2: Flying Home
Episode 1: The Great Leap Forward
Episode 9: Something Old
Episode 8: A House Divided
Episode 7: More Than You Know
Episode 6: And is There Honey Still for Tea?
Episode 5: The Doctor Now Departing
Episode 4: Thick as Thieves
Episode 3: A Small Flourish
Episode 2: No Regrets
Episode 1: A Little Touch of Harry
Episode 10: The Last Hurrah (Part 2)
Episode 9: The Last Hurrah (Part 1)
Episode 8: The Magnificent Colin
Episode 7: The Miracle of Ormston
Episode 6: Old Flames
Episode 5: His Brothers Keeper
Episode 4: Fertility Rites
Episode 3: Blood Relations
Episode 2: Home To Roost
Episode 1: Lost Souls
Episode 6: Judgement Day
Episode 5: Brother in Arms
Episode 4: Buried Treasure
Episode 3: The Inspector Calls
Episode 2: Nothing Like the Son
Episode 1: The Best Man