Booze Traveler (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Actor/adventurer Jack Maxwell learned a lot working in South Boston bars, and one lesson stood out: Enjoy a couple of drinks with a stranger, and the whole world opens up. Those experiences inspired "Booze Traveler," which follows Maxwell to various countries to quench his curiosity about what people drink, why, and the tales it prompts. In Armenia, Belize, Lithuania, Mongolia, Nepal and elsewhere, Maxwell learns its intoxicating traditions, meets with locals, joins in activities, and even helps with the alcohol-making process. He finds a unique drink, makes friends and shares stories in each spot. Read More



Episode 16: India
Episode 15: Brazil
Episode 14: Hong Kong
Episode 13: Guatemala
Episode 12: Savannah
Episode 11: Argentina
Episode 10: New Zealand
Episode 9: Hawaiian Crush
Episode 8: Texas is Full of It
Episode 7: Philippines: Inuman Nature
Episode 6: Scotland: Monsters, Men, and The Mac
Episode 5: Tanzania: Increase Happy
Episode 4: Hungary: Aliens, Soviets, & Gypsies
Episode 3: Finland: Sisu, Sauna & the Midnight Sun
Episode 2: Sicily: A Family Thing
Episode 1: Greece: The Morning After
Episode 15: Tennessee: Red, White and Booze
Episode 14: South Africa: Hidden Gems
Episode 13: Belize: Paradise Found
Episode 12: Dead in New Orleans
Episode 11: The Armenian Trail
Episode 10: Netherlands: Liquid Courage
Episode 9: Loopy Lithuania
Episode 8: Japan Uncorked
Episode 7: Nepal: A Higher State
Episode 6: Mongolian Road Trip
Episode 5: Iceland's Warm Fire
Episode 4: Austria Is Good For You
Episode 3: Spain: Mixed, Not Blended
Episode 2: Peru Is Magic
Episode 1: Turkey Is Stirring