Body of Proof (2011)


Plot: Having lost her medical license in the aftermath of a family tragedy, Megan Hunt M.D. joined the medical examiners and proved herself a forensic genius. Yet even diplomatic Medico-legal Investigator Pete Dunlop can't prevent her arrogant attitude and total disregard for any authority or social norm to cause grave aggravation all around. Still, as long as the perpetrators suffer most, the bulldozer approach pays off on the balance. Read More



Episode 13: Daddy Issues
Episode 12: Breakout
Episode 11: Dark City
Episode 10: Committed
Episode 9: Disappearing Act
Episode 8: Doubting Tommy
Episode 7: Skin and Bones
Episode 6: Fallen Angel
Episode 5: Eye for an Eye
Episode 4: Mob Mentality
Episode 3: Lost Souls
Episode 2: Abducted (2)
Episode 1: Abducted (1)
Episode 20: Mind Games
Episode 19: Going Viral (2)
Episode 18: Going Viral (1)
Episode 17: Identity
Episode 16: Home Invasion
Episode 15: Occupational Hazards
Episode 14: Cold Blooded
Episode 13: Sympathy for the Devil
Episode 12: Shades of Blue
Episode 11: Falling for You
Episode 10: Your Number's Up
Episode 9: Gross Anatomy
Episode 8: Love Bites
Episode 7: Hard Knocks
Episode 6: Second Chances
Episode 5: Point of Origin
Episode 4: Lazarus Man
Episode 3: Missing
Episode 2: Hunting Party
Episode 1: Love Thy Neighbor
Episode 9: Broken Home
Episode 8: Buried Secrets
Episode 7: All in the Family
Episode 6: Society Hill
Episode 5: Dead Man Walking
Episode 4: Talking Heads
Episode 3: Helping Hand
Episode 2: Letting Go
Episode 1: Pilot