Blossom (1990)


Plot: This teenage sitcom is named after its main character, likable schoolgirl Blossom Russo. It centers around her life at school and at home, where she lives with her single father, charming musician Nick Russo, who tries hard to be an exemplary parent, and her two elder brothers, the cool Anthony, the eldest, and sweet but rather weak and naive Joey. Her best friend, Six LeMeure, who is educationally neglected at her home and thus is almost always around at the Russos as well as at school, is the voice of mischief and thus often her partner in crime. Read More



Episode 22: Goodbye
Episode 21: So Many Milestones, So Little Time
Episode 20: You Say Tomato
Episode 19: A Star Is Bared
Episode 18: The Departure
Episode 17: The Date
Episode 16: A Mind With a Heart of Its Own
Episode 15: It Happened One Night
Episode 14: Who's Not on First
Episode 13: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
Episode 12: Hi Diddly Dee
Episode 11: Mating Rituals
Episode 10: Oh, Baby
Episode 9: Blossom Gump
Episode 8: The Game You Play Tomorrow
Episode 7: Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
Episode 6: Writing the Wrongs
Episode 5: The Wedding
Episode 4: Your New Planet
Episode 3: Puppy Love
Episode 2: A New Life (2)
Episode 1: A New Life (1)
Episode 28: Graduation
Episode 27: Last Tango
Episode 26: Night of Reckoning
Episode 25: Seven Deadly Sins (a.k.a. Gluttony)
Episode 24: Sex, Lies and Mrs. Peterson
Episode 23: Blue Blossom
Episode 22: Our Favorite Scenes
Episode 21: A Little Help from My Friends
Episode 20: Beach Blanket Blossom (2)
Episode 19: Beach Blanket Blossom (1)
Episode 18: Double Date
Episode 17: Meat
Episode 16: Getting Lucky
Episode 15: Copycat
Episode 14: Big Doings (2)
Episode 13: Big Doings (1)
Episode 12: Let's Talk About Sex
Episode 11: True Romance
Episode 10: The Fifty-Minute Hour
Episode 9: .38 Special
Episode 8: Blossom's Dilemma
Episode 7: Six and Sonny
Episode 6: Kiss and Tell
Episode 5: Transitions
Episode 4: Blossom in Paris (4)
Episode 3: Blossom in Paris (3)
Episode 2: Blossom in Paris (2)
Episode 1: Blossom in Paris (1)
Episode 26: Paris
Episode 25: Hunger
Episode 24: Sitcom
Episode 23: You Did What?
Episode 22: The Thrill Is Gone
Episode 21: All Dressed Up (a.k.a. Vinnie, We Hardly Knew Ye)
Episode 20: Student Films
Episode 19: Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
Episode 18: Mystery Train
Episode 17: Car Wrecks and Marriage
Episode 16: Time
Episode 15: The Last Laugh
Episode 14: Ruby
Episode 13: Losing Your... Religion
Episode 12: The Frat Party
Episode 11: My Girl
Episode 10: The Making of the President
Episode 9: All Hallows Eve
Episode 8: I Killed Chico Barranca
Episode 7: Only When I Laugh (a.k.a. The Last Laugh)
Episode 6: Kids
Episode 5: The Joey Chronicles
Episode 4: What Price Love?
Episode 3: No Cure for Love
Episode 2: Dear Mom
Episode 1: Runaway
Episode 24: Spring Fever
Episode 23: Driver's Education
Episode 22: Whines and Misdemeanors
Episode 21: House Guests
Episode 20: You Must Remember This
Episode 19: Wake Up Little Susie
Episode 18: The Letter
Episode 17: Losers Win
Episode 16: Three O'Clock and All Is Hell
Episode 15: Hot for Teacher
Episode 14: The Test
Episode 13: It's a Marginal Life
Episode 12: This Old House
Episode 11: You Can't Go Home
Episode 10: Expectations
Episode 9: Blossom - A Rockumentary
Episode 8: Run for the Border
Episode 7: Intervention
Episode 6: To Tell the Truth
Episode 5: Honor?
Episode 4: I'm With the Band
Episode 3: The Joint
Episode 2: Here Comes the Buzz!
Episode 1: Second Base
Episode 14: Love Stinks!
Episode 13: Love Stinks!
Episode 12: Papa's Little Dividend
Episode 11: School Daze
Episode 10: Such a Night
Episode 9: Tough Love
Episode 8: The Geek
Episode 7: Thanks for the Memorex
Episode 6: I Ain't Got No Buddy
Episode 5: Sex, Lies and Teenagers
Episode 4: Who's in Charge Here?
Episode 3: Dad's Girlfriend
Episode 2: My Sister's Keeper
Episode 1: Blossom Blossoms