Blood Ties (2007)


Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Romance

Plot: After being asked to unravel a bizarre murder case, private investigator Vicki Nelson realizes that uncovering who - or what - the killer is may be a lot harder than for her typical case. During a stakeout the ex-cop meets Henry Fitzroy, who looks to be an irresistible twentysomething playboy but claims he's actually a 450-year-old vampire! Though she has trouble swallowing his story, Henry has interesting insight into the case, so Vicki teams up with him to nail the killer. But things get complicated when sparks ignite between this unlikely pair, and Vicki's ex-partner and former flame, who immediately distrusts Henry, takes an undue interest in the new partners' undeniably electric connection. "Blood Ties," based on Tanya Huff's best-selling Blood Books novels, follows Vicki as she finds herself more and more drawn to probing the unexplainable, leading her to walk a line between the supernatural and earthly worlds, torn between the men on either side. Read More



Episode 10: Deep Dark
Episode 9: We'll Meet Again
Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Episode 7: Wrapped
Episode 6: Drawn and Quartered
Episode 5: The Devil You Know
Episode 4: Bugged
Episode 3: Five: fifty-five
Episode 2: Wild Blood
Episode 1: D.O.A.
Episode 12: Norman
Episode 11: Post Partum
Episode 10: Necrodrome
Episode 9: Stone Cold
Episode 8: Heart of Fire
Episode 7: Heart of Ice
Episode 6: Love Hurts
Episode 5: Deadly Departed
Episode 4: Gifted
Episode 3: Bad JuJu
Episode 2: Blood Price (2)
Episode 1: Blood Price (1)