Bitchin' Rides (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design, turns out unique vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car's owner. Read More



Episode 14: The Bitchin Coronet
Episode 13: The Last Mopar
Episode 12: Little Red Corvette
Episode 11: Veruca Violet
Episode 10: Where's the Gold, Paulie?
Episode 9: Dave Kindig, Guest Judge
Episode 8: The Hummer of the Future
Episode 7: The Snowball Episode
Episode 6: Green for the Money
Episode 5: Fiberglass, Fiberglass and More Fiberglass
Episode 4: A Caldera-What?
Episode 3: The Little Sister
Episode 2: 24 Karat Magic
Episode 1: We Build Bitchin Rides
Episode 16: GT...Ohhh Hell Yeah!
Episode 15: The Secret Client
Episode 14: The Future Is Now
Episode 13: If It Was Easy, Anyone Could Do It
Episode 12: It's Getting Hot In Here
Episode 11: A Family Affair
Episode 10: On the Road Again
Episode 9: A Lincoln Legend
Episode 8: I Blew Your Inheritance on a Bitchin' Ride
Episode 7: That's One Bitchin' Grocery Getter
Episode 6: Land of 10,000 Bitchin' Rides
Episode 5: The Supernova
Episode 4: The One Where Nick Gets Arrested
Episode 3: It sounds Bitchin'. Let's make it look Bitchin'.
Episode 2: Mint Condition
Episode 1: New Season, New Headache
Episode 12: Nomad? No Way!
Episode 11: Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Bitchin Ride
Episode 10: De-pimp My Ride Please!
Episode 9: Back To Basics
Episode 8: It's Like 1929 In Here
Episode 7: The F Five OHHHHHHH
Episode 6: It's a Super Car Farm Truck... Duh?
Episode 5: We Can Work This Out
Episode 4: The Bitchin' Gasser
Episode 3: If Your Car Ain't Turning You On, Get Another One
Episode 2: Mischief
Episode 1: That's Not An Engine...That's A Kevdogg
Episode 12: The Copper Caddy
Episode 11: Copper, Copper, Copper
Episode 10: Why Wouldnt Ya?
Episode 9: Fore!
Episode 8: Double Trouble
Episode 7: This Is Going To Be A Challenge
Episode 6: From Malibu To The Mailboost
Episode 5: Orange Is The New Orange
Episode 4: Just Cuz You Can Doesnt Mean You Should
Episode 3: Clean Up On Isle '32
Episode 2: Blue Suede Shoes
Episode 1: Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
Episode 10: The Future Never Looked So Good
Episode 9: A Future What?
Episode 8: The Phantom Fleetside
Episode 7: Lights, Cameras, Auto-Rama
Episode 6: The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze
Episode 5: Why Haul Hay When You Can Haul Ass?
Episode 4: Mile High Rod Run
Episode 3: More than One Way to Skin a Cat (and a Bird)
Episode 2: There's an Ass for Every Seat
Episode 1: Grandma's Ride Gets Revived