Billy on the Street (2011)


Genre: Comedy , Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: Comedian Billy Eichner, unfiltered and unapologetic, hits the streets of New York City to test unsuspecting strangers on their knowledge of music and pop culture. With microphone in hand and money in tow, Eichner gives contestants the chance to win cash by answering a series of hilarious and spontaneous questions. The catch? The final round is subjective - Don't agree with Billy? You lose. Read More



Episode 10: Elena Vs. Her Sister
Episode 9: Sex on the Street With Sarah Jessica Parker
Episode 8: Christmas on the Street With Will Ferrell!
Episode 7: The Julianne Moore Acting Attack!
Episode 6: Billy's Thanksgiving Parade!
Episode 5: Shondaland! With Bill Hader and Amy Sedaris
Episode 4: Billy Plays "Is Beyonce Scared of That?" With Jason Sudeikis
Episode 3: Anna Kendrick's 'Tinder In Real Life' Lightning Round!
Episode 2: For A Dollar, It's Chris Pratt!
Episode 1: Billy Helps Tina Fey Find A Friend
Episode 10: The Lana Del Race for the Cure
Episode 9: John Mayer Or Pepé Le Pew
Episode 8: Billy Loves Ratatouille
Episode 7: It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler
Episode 6: When The Easter Bunny Attacks!
Episode 5: Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?
Episode 4: She Clucks or She Sucks?
Episode 3: Billy Destroys a Car
Episode 2: Cash Cow
Episode 1: Olivia Wilde Is Very Pretty and You’re All Disgusting!
Episode 12: The Rally To Raise Awareness Of Nicole Kidman
Episode 11: The Humpty Hump!
Episode 10: Billy in the Air!
Episode 9: It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!
Episode 8: Whistleblow That Jew!
Episode 7: It’s Spock - Do You Care?
Episode 6: Do You Think Gisele Bundchen Understands The Jokes On Portlandia?
Episode 5: The Julia Robstacle Course
Episode 4: The Lesbian Lightning Round
Episode 3: Billy Meets Mr. Singh!
Episode 2: Scream For An American Girl Doll
Episode 1: Name Three White People!, with Rashida Jones
Episode 10: Television is the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Me!
Episode 9: Did You Hear Madonna Died?
Episode 8: Drunk Rich
Episode 7: Joan Rivers Gets Quizzed in the Face
Episode 6: Where in the World is Scarlett Johansson's Vagina?
Episode 5: Ask an Asian!
Episode 4: The Meryl Streep Showdown
Episode 3: Can Rachel Dratch Name 20 White People in 30 Seconds?
Episode 2: Are You Smarter Than a Gay 5th Grader?
Episode 1: And Away We Go...