Big Dreams Small Spaces (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Monty Don, one of Britain's favourite gardeners, has spent the last year working with enthusiasts up and down the country to help them create the garden of their dreams. He has listened to their plans, he has given them advice and he has rolled up his sleeves to help make their dreams come true. But it's not an easy task and there have been times when it all seemed nothing more than a pipe dream. Read More



Episode 6: Boring Back Yard to Magical Forest in Blackpool & Bristol
Episode 5: Garden Transformations in Bury & Hackney
Episode 4: Rubble Filled Gardens in Stockport & Tufnell Park
Episode 3: Unimaginable Ambitions for Outdoor Spaces in Essex & Ipswich
Episode 2: Garden Suitable for Entertaining in Leyton & Bath
Episode 1: Feel-Good Spaces in Brighton & High Wycombe
Episode 6: Billericay & Teddington
Episode 5: Hitchin & Worthing
Episode 4: Oxford & Pewsey
Episode 3: Bromley & Stoke
Episode 2: Clapham & Hereford
Episode 1: Barnet & Salisbury
Episode 5: Bromley & Dorset
Episode 4: Doncaster & Walthamstow
Episode 3: Corris & Hayling
Episode 2: Swindon & Wakefield
Episode 1: Cadeby & Sussex