Better With You (2010)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The series revolved around three different relationships that are tightly intertwined in one family, as it follows a couple, Maddie and Ben, who had been dating for nine years and are happy just living together despite not taking the next step, marriage. Maddie's life is thrown for a loop when her younger sister Mia announces that she is pregnant and is about to marry Casey, a guy whom she has only known for seven weeks. To make matters worse, Maddie is stunned that their parents, who have been married for 35 years and have their issues, approve of the union, leaving Maddie and Ben questioning themselves about their own relationship. The story followed their lives and struggles. Read More



Episode 22: Better with the Baby
Episode 21: Better with a Bargain
Episode 20: Better with Crying
Episode 19: Better with Dancing
Episode 18: Better with Lying
Episode 17: Better Without a Job
Episode 16: Better Without a Couch
Episode 15: Better with a Shamrock
Episode 14: Better with a Leather Jacket
Episode 13: Better with Valentine's Day
Episode 12: Better with a Cat
Episode 11: Better with Skinny Jeans
Episode 10: Better with Christmas Crap
Episode 9: Better with Thanksgiving
Episode 8: Better with Flirting
Episode 7: Better with Road Joel
Episode 6: Better with Halloween
Episode 5: Better with Little Buddy
Episode 4: Better with Fighting
Episode 3: Better with Ben
Episode 2: Better with Firehouse
Episode 1: Pilot