Bert the Conqueror (2010)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Bert comes to town an amateur and leaves a conqueror. Thrill-seeker Bert Kreischer takes viewers to the legendary events, competitions and adrenaline rushes that celebrate local culture. He experiences the most hilariously absurd, undeniably dangerous and hands-down insane challenges small-town America has to offer. Whether Bert's attempting to walk across "The Greasy Pole" in Gloucester, MA, catfish noodlin’ in Knoxville, TN, or taking on Cedar Point’s "Fearsome Foursome" roller-coaster challenge in Sandusky, OH, he'll stop at nothing to showcase what the locals do for fun. Best known as a comedian, Bert travels the country meeting the passionate people who participate in these backyard adventures, experiencing the annual traditions that rally small towns and screaming his lungs out on thrill rides across the country. Get ready to laugh. Read More



Episode 16: Upper Midwest
Episode 15: Los Angeles
Episode 14: Colorado
Episode 13: Indiana
Episode 12: San Francisco
Episode 11: Cancun
Episode 10: Arizona
Episode 9: New Mexico
Episode 8: Alaska
Episode 7: Eastern Texas
Episode 6: Alberta, Canada
Episode 5: New Jersey
Episode 4: Hawaii
Episode 3: Eastern Florida
Episode 2: Virginia
Episode 1: Maine
Episode 9: Massachusetts
Episode 8: Texas
Episode 7: Wisconsin
Episode 6: Florida
Episode 5: Tennesee
Episode 4: New Hampshire
Episode 3: Las Vegas
Episode 2: Utah
Episode 1: Cedar Point