Beastmaster (1999)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Plot: In this both spinoff and reboot of The Beastmaster (1982) film series, skilled young warrior Dar, the Beastmaster and last known survivor of his tribe, wanders the ancient lands, seeking out his beloved Kira, defending the animals he controls, and pitting his might against various sorcerers and tyrants. His friends, sidekick Tao, warrior Arina and later trickster, spirit guide and mentor Dartanus, who's the only one who knows what really happened to Dar's family, as well as Dar's deep conviction to fight for what's right and his unique ability to befriend and communicate with animals help Dar in his quests to defeat an evil Sorceress and a wicked wizard known as the Ancient One, as well as stop the evil god Balcifer and his minion and Dar's archnemesis, King Zad. Read More



Episode 22: A New Dawn
Episode 21: End Game
Episode 20: Rites of Passage
Episode 19: Double Edged
Episode 18: The Devil You Know
Episode 17: The Trial
Episode 16: The Alliance
Episode 15: Sisters
Episode 14: The Choice
Episode 13: Turned To Stone
Episode 12: The Hunter
Episode 11: Turning Point
Episode 10: Dispossessed
Episode 9: Serpent's Kiss
Episode 8: Destiny
Episode 7: Slayer's Return
Episode 6: Tiger, Tiger...
Episode 5: The Prize
Episode 4: Veil of Death
Episode 3: Chosen One
Episode 2: Crystal Ark
Episode 1: Legend Reborn
Episode 22: Clash of the Titans
Episode 21: Regeneration
Episode 20: Game of Death
Episode 19: Mydoro
Episode 18: Birds
Episode 17: A Terrible Silence
Episode 16: Fifth Element
Episode 15: Centaurs
Episode 14: Mate for Life
Episode 13: Wild Child
Episode 12: Tao's Brother
Episode 11: Golgotha
Episode 10: Gone
Episode 9: Heart Like a Lion
Episode 8: White Tiger
Episode 7: Rage
Episode 6: Ghosts of the Forest
Episode 5: Xinca
Episode 4: Orpheo
Episode 3: Seer
Episode 2: Iara
Episode 1: Manlinks
Episode 22: Revelations
Episode 21: Rescue
Episode 20: Gemini
Episode 19: The Golden Phoenix
Episode 18: The Burning Forest
Episode 17: Tears of the Sea
Episode 16: A Devil's Deal
Episode 15: The Chameleon
Episode 14: The Guardian
Episode 13: The Minotaur
Episode 12: The Slayer
Episode 11: Valhalla
Episode 10: Riddle of the Nymph
Episode 9: Circle of Life
Episode 8: The Last Unicorns
Episode 7: The Umpatra
Episode 6: The Demon Curupira
Episode 5: Amazons
Episode 4: A Simple Truth
Episode 3: The Island
Episode 2: Obsession
Episode 1: The Legend Continues