BBQ with Franklin (2015)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Do you ever wonder how true BBQ Pitmasters create their magic? Want to know the difference between the Flat and the Point on a beef brisket? Aaron Franklin, owner and Chief Firestarter of his namesake Franklin BBQ, and KLRU TV Austin have moved Aaron's YouTube show to PBS, where Aaron takes the average person through the elements of being a Pitmaster. From picking the right wood to trimming and seasoning the meat, Aaron gives the viewer insights to how they can always make their best barbecue (he even has an episode dedicated to the process of turning a abandoned 250-gallon propane tank into a "cooker"). As a great bonus, he takes us around Austin and select other locations in Texas to see how other people are using wood, smoke, and fire to make delicious food and great times. Read More



Episode 10: Leftovers
Episode 9: Pickin' Beef
Episode 8: Competition
Episode 7: Direct Heat & Mesquite
Episode 6: Poultry & Sauce
Episode 5: Fire & Smoke
Episode 4: The Pits
Episode 3: Whole Hog
Episode 2: Sausage
Episode 1: Brisket