Baywatch Nights (1995)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: In this Baywatch spin-off, Mitch Buchannon, the always reliable Los Angeles county lifeguard, moonlights as a private detective alongside his beach cop buddy Garner and a female N.Y. private dick named Ryan McBride. They investigate and solve crimes together, often in some way related to Mitch's beloved beach. Luckily, they're usually not alone in this fight, as their frequent associates include cute psychic, Destiny Desimone, Mitch's lifeguard colleague, Donna Marco, and Lou Raymond, a legendary musician who owns the nightclub called 'Nights' where the trio's detective agency is located. However, in season 2, the show gets a serious overhaul as Mitch's cases suddenly start to exclusively involve supernatural horror and his enemies become actual demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural phenomena. He faces these otherworldly foes together with Ryan, as their relationship becomes more platonic in nature (mimicking that of Mulder and Scully), and Diamont Teague, Garner's replacement for this season. Read More



Episode 22: A Thousand Words
Episode 21: The Vortex
Episode 20: Hot Winds
Episode 19: The Eighth Seal
Episode 18: Symbol of Death
Episode 17: The Servant
Episode 16: Zargtha
Episode 15: Ascension
Episode 14: Nights to Dragon One
Episode 13: Frozen Out of Time
Episode 12: Possessed
Episode 11: The Mobius
Episode 10: Space Spore
Episode 9: Night Whispers
Episode 8: Last Breath
Episode 7: Curse of the Mirrored Box
Episode 6: The Cabin
Episode 5: Circle of Fear
Episode 4: The Strike
Episode 3: The Rig
Episode 2: The Creature
Episode 1: Terror of the Deep
Episode 22: Heat Rays
Episode 21: A Closer Look
Episode 20: Rendezvous
Episode 19: Epilogue
Episode 18: Vengeance
Episode 17: Code of Silence
Episode 16: The Curator
Episode 15: Thief in the Night
Episode 14: Backup
Episode 13: Payback
Episode 12: Thin Blood
Episode 11: Takeover
Episode 10: Kind of a Drag
Episode 9: Blues Boy
Episode 8: Balancing Act
Episode 7: Pressure Cooker
Episode 6: 976 Ways to Say I Love You
Episode 5: Just a Gigolo
Episode 4: Deadly Vision
Episode 3: Silent Witness
Episode 2: Bad Blades
Episode 1: Pursuit