Battlefield (1994)


Genre: Documentary , History , War

Plot: Battlefield is a World War 2 documentary series initially issued in 1994-5 that explores some of the most important battles fought during the Second World War. The series employs a novel approach where each battle is the climax of an extended series of events. The presentation is particularly effective using a perspective you never get in most war documentaries. Battlefield provides detailed accounts of individual battles from World War II, including troop movements, arms deployed, motivation of key players. Rare footage specific to each battle is included. Very comprehensive, exhaustive, entertaining. These documentaries were produced and aired over several seasons as separate series. Series One is focused on the main key battles in WW2, and Series Two deals with other lesser known but also key battles. Series Three: Vietnam of the Battlefield Vietnam (documentary series) consists of twelve one-hour episodes from the acclaimed TV series devoted to Vietnam's key battles. Judgment of the Vietnam war has been clouded by issues which occurred away from Vietnam: the campus protests, the controversial presidencies of Johnson and Nixon, the agonised arguments over MIAs and POWs and the tormented veterans of that war. For so many people, the Vietnam War brings to mind events in America, not in Vietnam. When thoughts turn to Vietnam, attention focuses on a young girl burned by the napalm, piles of bodies at My Lai and the summary execution of a Viet Cong insurgent on the streets of Saigon.Those events are important, but they do not shed a great deal of light on the military realities of the conflict. Battlefield Series Three: Vietnam was the first definitive documentary of the Vietnam War as a war. It will intentionally avoid the subsidiary issues which cloud judgement of the war, so that a clearer picture of what actually happened on the ground and in the air will emerge. The Battlefield series was originally aired on BBC and later on PBS. The Military Channel curren Read More



Episode 6: The Battle for the Mediterranean
Episode 5: Campaign in the Balkans
Episode 4: Destination Okinawa
Episode 3: The War Against the U-Boats
Episode 2: Scandinavia: The Forgotten Front
Episode 1: The Battle for the Crimea
Episode 6: The Battle for Caen
Episode 5: Operation Market Garden
Episode 4: The West Wall
Episode 3: The Battle for Monte Cassino
Episode 2: El Alamein
Episode 1: The Battles for Tunisia
Episode 6: The Siege of Leningrad
Episode 5: Guadalcanal
Episode 4: Pearl Harbor
Episode 3: Manchuria - The Forgotten Victory
Episode 2: Air War Over Germany
Episode 1: The Battle of Kursk
Episode 12: The Fall of Saigon
Episode 11: Peace With Honour
Episode 10: Rolling Thunder
Episode 9: Air War Vietnam
Episode 8: Siege at the Khe Sahn
Episode 7: War on the DMZ
Episode 6: The Tet Offensive
Episode 5: Countdown to Tet
Episode 4: The Showdown in the Iron Triangle
Episode 3: Search and Destroy
Episode 2: The Undeclared War
Episode 1: Dien Bien Phu - The Legacy
Episode 6: The Battle of the Rhine
Episode 5: The Battle of Leyte Gulf
Episode 4: The Battle for Italy
Episode 3: The Battle for Russia
Episode 2: The Battle of the Atlantic
Episode 1: The Battle for North Africa
Episode 6: The Battle of Berlin
Episode 5: The Battle of Normandy
Episode 4: The Battle of Stalingrad
Episode 3: The Battle of Midway
Episode 2: The Battle of Britain
Episode 1: The Battle of France