Baroness von Sketch Show (2016)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: This show, a sketch comedy, has a decidedly female bent. It is written by a primarily female staff, and performed by an all female primary cast (with both female and male supporting players). They tackle a variety of subjects, most dealing with current cultural topics of everyday life, but from a female perspective. Unlike most sketch comedy shows of the day, the sketches in this show are rapid fire in that they are relatively short - none lasting more than approximately five minutes, with most being in the one to two minute range - and are filmed largely on location, rather than on a sound stage or in a studio in front a live audience. Read More



Episode 13: No One Steals the Kale
Episode 12: Back of the Line Old Man
Episode 11: Women Love Breadcrumbs
Episode 10: I Wrote a Play About My Ex
Episode 9: Mercury Is in Retrograde
Episode 8: Don't Call Me Lady
Episode 7: Pénis Misérable
Episode 6: Baby Toe Disease
Episode 5: All I’m Saying is Her Car Has Eyelashes
Episode 4: I've Got a Date With a Gnome and He Is Hawt!
Episode 3: Did an Eagle Steal Your Baby?
Episode 2: I Prefer the Term 'Bonus Parent'
Episode 1: Whatever You Do, Don't Smell His T-Shirts
Episode 10: Those Chickens Won't Clean Themselves
Episode 9: My Instagram Is Suffering
Episode 8: There’s a Special Place in Hell
Episode 7: I Might Still Be Mad in a Week
Episode 6: Shangela Was Robbed
Episode 5: I Always Order Wrong
Episode 4: No One Wants To Be That Lady
Episode 3: It’s a Peachy Abomination
Episode 2: Something for Daddy
Episode 1: Humanity Is In An Awkward Stage
Episode 10: Bangs Do Not Define Me
Episode 9: Start By Having Rich Parents
Episode 8: Sometimes It's Good to Be the Shaman
Episode 7: Summer of '65
Episode 6: Buffin' Your Muffin
Episode 5: It's Because I Care
Episode 4: Sex Things and Whispers
Episode 3: Don't Even Say Goodbye Just Go
Episode 2: Tonight Is Spaghetti Thursday
Episode 1: Is That You Karen?
Episode 7: You've Reached the Voicemail of Tracy Herrity
Episode 6: It's a Garment of Liberty
Episode 5: Don't Make Me Send a Lawyer up There
Episode 4: Taco and a Hair Flip
Episode 3: I Can't Vote
Episode 2: Don't Call Me Ma'am
Episode 1: It Satisfies on a Very Basic Level
Episode 6: 2CatShaPurr
Episode 5: Stay for a Drink
Episode 4: If the Killer Is Watching
Episode 3: We've Lost Communication
Episode 2: Last Year You Weren't Forty
Episode 1: I Can't Believe This Used to Take Days