Ballmastrz: 9009 (2018)


Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy , Sci-fi , Sport

Plot: The year is 9009. Ballmastrz: 9009 follows washed up superstar and notorious party gal Gaz Digzy, who after a spiral of destructive antics is demoted to the worst team in The Game: The Leptons. Her only way back to the top is to somehow lead these pathetic misfits to victory. Good luck, Gaz. You'll need it! Read More



Episode 10: Onward, True Blue Friends Win Eternal; Paladin of the Heavens, Start Today!
Episode 9: Don't Let a Big Head Give You the Championship Blues! You Can Do It, Leptons! Try Your Best to Win...Right Now!
Episode 8: Dance Dance Convolution?! Egos Warped by the Hair Gel of Hubris! Atonement, Now!!
Episode 7: Defective Affection?! Dodge the Wayward Strikes of Cupid's Calamitous Quiver!
Episode 6: Can't Stand the Heat? Ultimate Kitchen Technique! Finish Them, Warrior Bard!!
Episode 5: When You Wish Upon a Spore
Episode 4: Children of the Night Serenade Wet Nurse of Reprisal; Scream, Bloodsucker, Scream!
Episode 3: Big Boy Body, Big Boy Heart! Can You Endure the Pain of Love? Babyball, Discover It Now!
Episode 2: Shameful Disease of Yackety Yack! Don't Talk Back! Be Silenced Forever!
Episode 1: Infinite Hugs: Cold Embrace of the Bloodless Progenitors!
Episode 10: Strength through Song; Brotherhood through Blood; Redemption through Rage. Sing, Fallen Angel!
Episode 9: Chaste Wing of the Cold Turkey vs Flaming Fist of Indulgence!
Episode 8: Hunger Cramps on the Playing Field of Friendship
Episode 7: Leather Passions! 2 Hearts, 2 Wheelz, Infinite Roadz. RIDE NOW!
Episode 6: Honor! Money! Swords! Dongs! Ultimate Gaz Boom Boom Rookie Card Battle Begin! Fight!
Episode 5: Breathe Deep to Win! Teamwork Cuts Through the Foul Odor of Obsession!
Episode 4: To Catch a Princess
Episode 3: Very Special Balls
Episode 2: With the Burning Spirit of Teamwork in Her Heart
Episode 1: A Shooting Star Named Gaz Digzy Falls Fast and Hard