Auto/Biography (2019)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Some car mysteries can't be solved by your local mechanic looking under the hood. Some four-wheeled mysteries run much deeper, requiring forensic science, dogged fact-finding and in-depth, historic research. Hosted by automotive historian Tim Donahue and automotive filmmaker Michael May, this series will keep viewers on the edge of their car seats by exploring the world's most improbable vehicular mysteries. Automotive whodunits unravel on a global scale as amazing stories are investigated. Donahue and May retell each story in detail with the help of experts, investigators, journalists, car owners and even some of the criminals involved in each case. Read More



Episode 6: The Case of the Sunken Chevys
Episode 5: The Case of the Hidden Racecars
Episode 4: The Case of Hitler's Mercedes
Episode 3: The Case of the Priceless Porsche
Episode 2: The Case Of The Split Enzo
Episode 1: The Case Of The Buried Dino