Australian Crime Stories (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: In series 3 Australian crime stories investigative journalist, researcher and cowriter Adam Shand drops viewers into the scene of the crime revealing the secret desires, mysterious appetites and hidden hatreds that shaped the most notorious cases in Australian criminal history. Australian crime stories is produced by THE FULL BOX for the NINE NETWORK Australia. Read More



Episode 1: Who Killed Juanita
Episode 10: The Hunter
Episode 9: The Queen of Con
Episode 8: A Deadly Friendship
Episode 7: The Chinese Takeaway
Episode 6: Attack on Police HQ
Episode 5: Bodies Of Evidence
Episode 4: Killing Florence
Episode 3: The X Factor
Episode 2: The Money Or The Bomb
Episode 1: The Dark Side
Episode 8: Murphy's Law
Episode 7: Mr Cruel
Episode 6: The Vampire Gigolo
Episode 5: Billy Longley: The Texan
Episode 4: Mark Standen: A Dirty Cop
Episode 3: John Friedrich
Episode 2: Packer's Gold
Episode 1: Justice For Lucille
Episode 8: George Freeman: The King Of Sydney
Episode 7: Stewart John Regan: The Magician
Episode 6: Dino Dibra: The Sunshine Boy
Episode 5: Jockey Smith: Public Enemy No.1
Episode 4: Tilly Devine: Madam Razor
Episode 3: Ray Denning: The Runner
Episode 2: Stan "The Man" Smith: The Enforcer
Episode 1: Nikolai Radev: The Invader
Episode 8: Lennie McPherson: Mr Big
Episode 7: Ray Bennett: The Criminal Mastermind
Episode 6: Mick Sayers: The Gambler
Episode 5: Russell Cox: Australia's Most Wanted Man
Episode 4: Dennis Allen: Dr Death
Episode 3: Alphonse Gangitano
Episode 2: Chow Hayes: Australia's First Gangster
Episode 1: Chris Flannery