Arli$$ (1996)


Genre: Comedy , Sport

Plot: A behind-the-scenes look at the glitzy, big-money world of professional sports following the eternally optimistic and endlessly resourceful L.A. sports agent Arliss Michaels whose Achilles' heel is his inability to say “no” to clients and employees. Read More



Episode 11: All That Glitters
Episode 10: Profiles in Agenting
Episode 9: End Game
Episode 8: Standards and Practices
Episode 7: It's All in the Game
Episode 6: Moments to Remember
Episode 5: Playing It Safe
Episode 4: There's No I in Team
Episode 3: In with the New
Episode 2: What You See Is What You Get
Episode 1: The Immortal
Episode 10: Hard Choices
Episode 9: Giving Something Back
Episode 8: As Others See Us
Episode 7: Of Cabbages and Kings
Episode 6: Like No Business I Know
Episode 5: The Price of their Toys
Episode 4: A Question of Character
Episode 3: You Are Your Priorities
Episode 2: Fielding Offers
Episode 1: Setting Precedents
Episode 13: You Can Pick Your Friends...
Episode 12: Where There's a Will
Episode 11: A Breed Apart
Episode 10: Last Call
Episode 9: When Opportunity Knocks
Episode 8: Honoring Our Past
Episode 7: The Sum of the Parts
Episode 6: The Value of Honesty
Episode 5: It's Who You Know
Episode 4: Comings and Goings
Episode 3: I Get Involved
Episode 2: Making Things Happen
Episode 1: Creatures of Habit
Episode 12: Rules of the Game
Episode 11: The Art of Give and Take
Episode 10: D-Day
Episode 9: The Cult of Celebrity
Episode 8: To Thine Own Self Be True
Episode 7: You Gotta Love This Game
Episode 6: The Changing of the Guard
Episode 5: The Stories You Don't Hear About
Episode 4: People Are Assets, Too
Episode 3: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future
Episode 2: Taking One for the Team
Episode 1: Cause and Effect
Episode 13: His Name Is Arliss Michaels
Episode 12: What Would I Do Without Wu?
Episode 11: The American Game
Episode 10: Behind Every Great Client...
Episode 9: Stanley Babson...Win, Place, or Show
Episode 8: The Working Man's Friend
Episode 7: What Arliss Hath Joined Together...
Episode 6: The Legacy
Episode 5: Where Do Clients Come From?
Episode 4: Fans First
Episode 3: Whatever It Takes
Episode 2: My Job Is to Get Jobs
Episode 1: The Family Trust
Episode 10: Truth and Responsibility
Episode 9: How to Be a Good Listener
Episode 8: Visionary for a New Millennium
Episode 7: The Real Thing
Episode 6: Kirby Carlisle, Trouble-Shooter
Episode 5: Salary Cap This!
Episode 4: The World at Your Feet
Episode 3: Arliss Michaels, American
Episode 2: The Value of Loyalty
Episode 1: A Full Service Agency
Episode 11: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Episode 10: The Client's Best Interest
Episode 9: Timing Is Everything
Episode 8: Crossing the Line
Episode 7: Colors of the Rainbow
Episode 6: The Company You Keep
Episode 5: What About the Fans?
Episode 4: How to Turn a Minus into a Plus
Episode 3: Athletes Are Role Models
Episode 2: Negotiating: It's Never Personal
Episode 1: A Man of Our Times