Are You the One? (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? On the history-making eighth season, 16 singles head to Hawaii to find their perfect matches and for a chance to split the $1 million prize, and for the first time ever, all the singles are sexually fluid, which means there are no gender limitations: The one could be anyone. Read More



Episode 12: All or Nothing
Episode 11: On To The Next
Episode 10: It All Comes Down to Jax
Episode 9: Games Players Play
Episode 8: This Sucks and Blows
Episode 7: Red Flag Alert
Episode 6: Hate To Burst Your Bubble
Episode 5: There Was A Fivesome?
Episode 4: We Come to Slay
Episode 3: This Is Trash
Episode 2: Come One, Come All (2)
Episode 1: Come One, Come All (1)
Episode 15: Reunion
Episode 14: It All Comes Down to This
Episode 13: This Is Nuts-a
Episode 12: Caught on Kiss Cam
Episode 10: Master Plan
Episode 9: I Want You To Want Me
Episode 8: Beast Mode
Episode 7: He Loves Me Not
Episode 6: Spilling the Tea
Episode 5: Ex-tracurricular Activities
Episode 4: A Boyfriend by Any Other Name
Episode 3: With Frenemies Like These...
Episode 2: Flirt At Your Own Risk
Episode 1: Leap of Fate
Episode 12: Playing With Fire
Episode 11: Love by the Numbers
Episode 10: No Love in Nola
Episode 9: Tale of Two Players
Episode 8: Ex-tra Cray
Episode 7: Sinking Relation-ships
Episode 6: Don't Come at me Crazy
Episode 5: Jelly AF
Episode 4: Bae-trayl
Episode 3: Love in Limbo
Episode 2: Shot Through the Heart
Episode 1: Swipe Right for Love
Episode 10: Eleven Is the Magic Number
Episode 9: Between a Rock and a Love Place
Episode 8: Relationship Rehab
Episode 7: Party Hard, Love Harder
Episode 6: No Bro-Code
Episode 5: Sex, Lies, and Truth Booths
Episode 4: Tyranny of Love
Episode 3: Butthurt
Episode 2: Playing the Game and Getting Played
Episode 1: Find Love Win Money
Episode 10: All or Nothing
Episode 9: Third Eye Blind
Episode 8: Great Ex-pectations
Episode 7: Pulling Punches
Episode 6: Mammas' Boys
Episode 5: Beer Goggles
Episode 4: Three's a Crowd
Episode 3: She Don't Want You
Episode 2: Punch Drunk Love
Episode 1: Perfect Match at First Sight
Episode 10: Never Give Up On Love
Episode 9: Breaking Point
Episode 8: Sorry Dad
Episode 7: Peanut Butter and Jealous
Episode 6: Getting Lei'd
Episode 5: The Little Merman
Episode 4: Mazed and Confused
Episode 3: Libido Limbo
Episode 2: Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 1: Once in a Lifetime Chance Brings Romance
Episode 11: The Supersized Season Aftermatch
Episode 10: One Switch, One Glitch
Episode 9: Old Flames
Episode 8: Dumped
Episode 7: Hot Salsa
Episode 6: Parental Guidance
Episode 5: Strap Those Boots Tight
Episode 4: Loose Lips Sink Relationships
Episode 3: Virgin Tears
Episode 2: The Truth Will Cost You
Episode 1: One Too Many
Episode 11: Reunion
Episode 10: Rub Down With a Happy Ending
Episode 9: White Party
Episode 8: Getting Dumped On
Episode 7: It's So Hard... to Say Goodbye
Episode 6: Turn the Paige
Episode 5: Double Shot
Episode 4: Karma’s a Bitch
Episode 3: A real ‘G’
Episode 2: The Temptation of Chris T
Episode 1: You Can’t Handle the Truth