Are You Being Served? (1972)


Plot: This quintessentially British sitcom is about Grace Brothers, a department store in London which is owned and kept traditional, almost pre-war (e.g. precise dress code for ladies frills and gentlemen's hats according to rank), by two brothers who look old enough to have fought in the Boer war but rarely appear, as most scenes play on one floor where Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold is the executive (meaning he enjoys an endless parade of foxy but stupid secretaries) in charge of management while his dignified floor walker, Captain Stephen Peacock, has daily charge over two small sales teams. The bossy, implicitly man-hungry widow Mrs. Betty Slocombe supervises the attractive Miss Shirley Brahms (with a terribly common Cockney accent) -with first choice of customers, on commission- the sale of women's clothes and accessories; the sales star at the gentleman's side is Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humpries, an implied closet-gay true gentleman, whose successive superiors are first obviously nearly retired Mr. Ernest Grainger and later formerly independent Mr. Grosman while the successive cheeky juniors are Mr. Dick Lucas and Mr. Bert Spooner. A regular visitor, and the only manual laborer but apparently best paid, is union representative Mr. Mash. Their interaction with each-other and the customers is quite formal in principle, but turns out comical in practice. Read More



Episode 7: The Pop Star
Episode 6: Friends and Neighbours
Episode 5: The Night Club
Episode 4: Gambling Fever
Episode 3: The Hold Up
Episode 2: Grounds for Divorce
Episode 1: Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe
Episode 6: Lost and Found
Episode 5: Monkey Business
Episode 4: Calling All Customers
Episode 3: Memories Are Made of This
Episode 2: Conduct Unbecoming
Episode 1: The Sweet Smell of Success
Episode 8: Roots? (1981 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe
Episode 6: Closed Circuit
Episode 5: Heir Apparent
Episode 4: Sit Out
Episode 3: Front Page Story
Episode 2: A Personal Problem
Episode 1: Is It Catching?
Episode 8: The Punch and Judy Affair (1979 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: The Agent
Episode 6: Anything You Can Do
Episode 5: The Hero
Episode 4: Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person
Episode 3: The Apartment
Episode 2: Strong Stuff, This Insurance
Episode 1: The Junior
Episode 6: Happy Returns (1978 Christmas Special)
Episode 5: A Bliss Girl
Episode 4: Shedding the Load
Episode 3: Do You Take This Man?
Episode 2: The Club
Episode 1: By Appointment
Episode 7: It Pays to Advertise
Episode 6: Goodbye Mr. Grainger
Episode 5: Take-Over
Episode 4: The Old Order Changes
Episode 3: Founder's Day
Episode 2: A Change Is as Good as a Rest
Episode 1: Mrs. Slocombe Expects
Episode 7: The Father Christmas Affair (1976 Christmas Special)
Episode 6: Oh What a Tangled Web
Episode 5: Fifty Years On
Episode 4: Fire Practice
Episode 3: Forward Mr. Grainger
Episode 2: Top Hat and Tails
Episode 1: No Sale
Episode 9: Christmas Crackers (1975 Christmas Special)
Episode 8: New Look
Episode 7: Shoulder to Shoulder
Episode 6: German Week
Episode 5: Wedding Bells
Episode 4: Cold Store
Episode 3: Up Captain Peacock
Episode 2: Coffee Morning
Episode 1: The Hand of Fate
Episode 5: Hoorah for the Holidays
Episode 4: Big Brother
Episode 3: The Think Tank
Episode 2: Cold Comfort
Episode 1: The Clock
Episode 6: Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend
Episode 5: His and Hers
Episode 4: Camping In
Episode 3: Our Figures Are Slipping
Episode 2: Dear Sexy Knickers
Episode 1: Pilot