Animaniacs (1993)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Musical

Plot: Ensemble cast of off-the-wall Warner Brothers characters, appearing in a wide variety of roles. Mainly staring the Warner Siblings Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, who were created by the WB Studios but found they were just too "zany" to be of any use to the studio. Other popular characters in the series include: Pinky and the Brain, two lab mice bent on world domination. Rita and Runt, a cat and dog team who get into perilous situations every episode but always seem to find time to sing a song, Bobby, Pesto, and Squit, the Goodfeathers, part of a New York City mob of pigeons, who take orders from The Godpigeon and worship Martin Scorsese. Slappy the Squirrel is a late middle-age squirrel. She starred in a series of popular cartoons in the Golden Age but is now retired and looking after her nephew, Skippy Squirrel. Buttons is a watch-dog, charged with watching the mischievous toddler, Mindy. Chicken Boo is a giant chicken trying to integrate into human society. Flavio and Marita are two urbane hippopotami. Read More



Episode 24: Star Warners
Episode 23: The Animaniacs Suite
Episode 22: The Scoring Session
Episode 21: Birds on a Wire
Episode 19: Magic Time
Episode 18: Punchline - The Chicken or the Egg?
Episode 17: Katie KaBoom: Prom Night
Episode 16: Punchline - Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Episode 15: The Christmas Tree
Episode 14: Sunshine Squirrels
Episode 13: The Carpool
Episode 12: Hooray for North Hollywood (2)
Episode 11: Hooray for North Hollywood (1)
Episode 10: Boo Wonder
Episode 9: Here Comes Attila
Episode 8: Acquaintances
Episode 7: Cute First (Ask Questions Later)
Episode 6: Bully for Skippy
Episode 4: It
Episode 1: Moosage in a Bottle
Episode 22: Ralph's Wedding
Episode 21: Mindy in Wonderland
Episode 20: Pitter Patter of Little Feet
Episode 19: The Boo Network
Episode 18: No Time for Love
Episode 16: Pinky and the Ralph
Episode 15: Amazing Gladiators
Episode 14: Papers for Pappa
Episode 13: When You're Traveling...
Episode 12: Anchors A-Warners
Episode 11: From Burbank with Love
Episode 10: Soda Jerk
Episode 9: Night of the Living Buttons
Episode 8: A Very Very Very Very Special Show
Episode 7: Mighty Wakko at the Bat
Episode 6: Boids on the Hood
Episode 5: Jokahontas
Episode 4: Noel
Episode 3: Boo Happens
Episode 2: Cutie and The Beast
Episode 1: One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock
Episode 42: The Return of the Great Wakkorotti
Episode 41: The Ballad of Magellan
Episode 40: Hello Nurse
Episode 39: Panama Canal
Episode 38: Wakko's 2-note Song
Episode 37: Valuable Lesson
Episode 36: Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise
Episode 35: Belly Button Blues
Episode 34: Soccer Coach Slappy
Episode 33: Gunga Dot
Episode 32: The Girl with the Googily Goop
Episode 31: Dot's Entertainment
Episode 30: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Episode 29: Oh Say Can You See?
Episode 28: The Party
Episode 27: My Mother the Squirrel
Episode 26: Yabba Dabba Boo
Episode 25: The Sound of Warners
Episode 24: The Flame Returns
Episode 23: Don't Tread On Us
Episode 22: The Presidents Song
Episode 21: Multiplication
Episode 20: Go Fish
Episode 19: Star Truck
Episode 18: This Pun For Hire
Episode 17: Hercules Unwound
Episode 16: Buttons in Ows
Episode 15: Gimme The Works
Episode 14: Method To Her Madness
Episode 13: The Kid In The Lid
Episode 12: Gimme A Break
Episode 11: A Hard Day's Warners
Episode 10: Bingo
Episode 9: Three Tenors and You're Out
Episode 8: Variety Speak
Episode 7: A Quake, A Quake!
Episode 6: Wakko's New Gookie
Episode 5: Nutcracker Slappy
Episode 4: Super Strong Warner Siblings
Episode 3: U.N. Me
Episode 2: Rest In Pieces
Episode 1: Deduces Wild
Episode 12: Fake
Episode 11: Katie Ka-Boom: The Blemish
Episode 10: Bad Mood Bobby
Episode 9: I'm Mad
Episode 8: Pigeon on the Roof
Episode 7: Miami Mama-Mia
Episode 6: Katie Ka-Boom: The Broken Date
Episode 5: Whistle Stop Mindy
Episode 4: We're No Pigeons
Episode 3: Morning Malaise
Episode 2: The Mindy 500
Episode 1: Take My Siblings Please
Episode 99: Broadcast Nuisance
Episode 98: Puppet Rulers
Episode 97: Fair Game
Episode 96: White Gloves
Episode 95: Smitten With Kittens
Episode 94: Spellbound
Episode 93: General Boo-Regard
Episode 92: Boot Camping
Episode 91: Dough Dough Boys
Episode 90: The Three Muska-Warners
Episode 89: Critical Condition
Episode 88: Baghdad Cafe
Episode 87: Katie Ka-Boo
Episode 86: No Place Like Homeless
Episode 85: In the Garden of Mindy
Episode 84: Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Episode 83: Clown and Out
Episode 82: Hiccup
Episode 81: The Big Kiss
Episode 80: Noah's Lark
Episode 79: Astro-Buttons
Episode 78: Chairman of the Bored
Episode 77: The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert
Episode 76: Puttin' on the Blitz
Episode 75: O Silly Mio
Episode 74: Phranken-Runt
Episode 73: Draculee, Draculaa
Episode 72: Skullhead Boneyhands
Episode 71: Moon Over Minerva
Episode 70: Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled
Episode 69: The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly
Episode 68: Mesozoic Mindy
Episode 67: Moby or Not Moby
Episode 66: You Risk Your Life
Episode 65: Jockey for Position
Episode 64: I Got Yer Can
Episode 63: Sir Yaksalot
Episode 62: Potty Emergency
Episode 24: Les Miseranimals