Angry Birds Toons (2010)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Angry Birds Toons tells how life is not always easy on Piggie Island. Red and his angry feathered companions, Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, the Blues and Terence must come together to protect their eggs - and future - from the cunning plots of the bad piggies. Having only guides for their intelligence and determination, they absolutely must thwart the advanced piggies' technology, even if they are incredibly too many. Nevertheless, the birds have a huge advantage... the incredible stupidity of the piggies! Angry Birds Toon gives life to the characters and adventures of one of the most popular games in history and presents an amusing world, the cunning of the birds and their sworn enemies, the piggies. Read More



Episode 52: Bomb's Awake
Episode 51: Chucked Out
Episode 50: Operation Opera
Episode 49: The Truce
Episode 48: Shrub It In
Episode 47: Oh Gnome!
Episode 46: Piggies from the Deep
Episode 45: Bird Flu
Episode 44: Hambo
Episode 43: The Butterfly Effect
Episode 42: Hiccups
Episode 41: El Porkador!
Episode 40: Jingle Yells
Episode 39: Slumber Mill
Episode 38: A Pig's Best Friend
Episode 37: Clash of Corns
Episode 36: Fired Up
Episode 35: Love is in the Air
Episode 34: King of the Castle
Episode 33: Night of the Living Pork
Episode 32: Tooth Royal
Episode 31: Pig Plot Potion
Episode 30: Piggy Wig
Episode 29: Nighty Night Terence
Episode 28: Catch of the Day
Episode 27: Green Pig Soup
Episode 26: Hamshank Redemption
Episode 25: The Bird That Cried Pig
Episode 24: Hog Roast
Episode 23: Gate Crasher
Episode 22: Egg's Day Out
Episode 21: Hypno Pigs
Episode 20: Run, Chuck, Run
Episode 19: Sneezy Does It
Episode 18: Slappy-Go-Lucky
Episode 17: Crash Test Piggies
Episode 16: Double Take
Episode 15: Trojan Egg
Episode 14: Dopeys on a Rope
Episode 13: Gardening with Terence
Episode 12: Thunder Chuck
Episode 11: Slingshot 101
Episode 10: Off Duty
Episode 9: Do as I Say!
Episode 8: True Blue?
Episode 7: Cordon Bleugh!
Episode 6: Pig Talent
Episode 5: Egg Sounds
Episode 4: Another Birthday
Episode 3: Full Metal Chuck
Episode 2: Where's My Crown?
Episode 1: Chuck Time