Andy Barker, P.I. (2007)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Mystery

Plot: In this comedy, Andy Barker (Andy Richter), a happy and successful CPA, decides to take a risk and open his own accounting business--after all, he's great at what he does and has never tasted the bitterness of defeat. Unfortunately for Andy, his life-long lucky streak comes to a sudden end when his business goes down the tube. Just when he thinks he's lost it all, a case of mistaken identity transforms Andy into a private detective--with a formidable talent for math. His number-crunching skills help him to become a great P.I., but his two careers continue to intersect in hilarious and unnerving ways. Andy will try to solve cases using his accounting knowledge. Wally (Marshall Manesh) is a convenience store owner. Read More



Episode 6: The Lady Varnishes
Episode 5: The Big No Sleep
Episode 4: Dial M for Laptop
Episode 3: Three Days of the Chicken
Episode 2: Fairway, My Lovely
Episode 1: Pilot