America's Secret Slang (2013)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Host Zach Selwyn hits the streets to ask everyday people what they know about the origins and meaning of American slang, and then he reveals the true etymology and hidden history of common phrases and words that are unique to the United States. In each 30-minute episode, Selwyn focuses on a specific period in American history, revealing words that originated during that era or had significance for the geographic region. Read More



Episode 8: Hail to the Chief
Episode 7: Go for Broke
Episode 6: Bite the Bullet
Episode 5: Cut to the Chase
Episode 4: Off the Cuff
Episode 3: Lower the Boom
Episode 2: Riding Shotgun
Episode 1: Straight From the Horse's Mouth
Episode 6: Talking Turkey
Episode 5: Coming to America
Episode 4: West Word, Ho!
Episode 3: Y'all Speak Country
Episode 2: Them's Fighting Words
Episode 1: Guns, Booze, and Politics