America's Book of Secrets (2012)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the most legendary monuments and powerful organizations in the United States? America’s Book of Secrets lifts the veil of mystery, giving you unparalleled access to historical narratives and insider information previously hidden from the public. Through in-depth research and exclusive channels, this series delves into a variety of familiar but enigmatic American institutions, from the FBI and the Pentagon to Fort Knox and Area 51. Go beyond the locked doors and security checkpoints of government agencies, famous landmarks and stealthy societies to glimpse the hidden worlds you were never intended to see. Read More

Next Episode 4x6 Date: Jun 22nd



Episode 4: FBI vs MLK
Episode 3: The Freemason Factor
Episode 1: The Secret Space Program
Episode 10: America's Doomsday Plan
Episode 9: The Secret Service
Episode 8: Secret Underground
Episode 7: The Billionaire Agenda
Episode 6: Secret Prisons
Episode 5: America's Secret Army
Episode 4: The Gold Conspiracy
Episode 3: American Terrorists
Episode 2: Big Brother
Episode 1: Scientology
Episode 12: Hells Angels
Episode 11: Lost Treasures
Episode 10: Presidential Assassins
Episode 9: The Mystery of Bigfoot
Episode 8: The Drug Wars
Episode 7: Presidential Cover-Ups
Episode 6: Deadly Cults
Episode 5: American Nazis
Episode 4: Serial Killers
Episode 3: The Ku Klux Klan
Episode 2: The Mafia
Episode 1: The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up
Episode 10: The Pentagon
Episode 9: Black Ops
Episode 8: West Point
Episode 7: The FBI
Episode 6: Presidential Transports
Episode 5: The Playboy Mansion
Episode 4: Area 51
Episode 3: Fort Knox
Episode 2: Freemasons
Episode 1: The White House