American Chopper: Senior vs Junior (2010)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: "American Chopper" is back ... sort of. After that popular motorcycle-building reality series crashed after six seasons amidst a Teutul family feud, Paul Sr. and son Paul Jr. return as competitors. Senior and his staff continue their work at Orange County Choppers, while Junior launches Paul Jr. Designs across the street from OCC's original site. Not only that, but Paulie twists the knife even more by hiring former OCC employees, including his brother Mikey, Vinnie DiMartino, Robert "Nub" Colard and Joe Puliafico. With the battle lines drawn, who will survive by designing and building the most innovative choppers? Read More



Episode 17: Old Rivals
Episode 16: Free Rick
Episode 15: Communication Breakdown
Episode 14: Silent Treatment
Episode 13: Mikey's Decision
Episode 12: Senior Reaches Out
Episode 11: Gears of War
Episode 10: Downsizing
Episode 9: Return of the Black Widow
Episode 8: The Settlement
Episode 7: Cadillac Build-Off Part 2
Episode 6: Cadillac Build-Off Part 1
Episode 5: Deadliest Catch Bike
Episode 4: Offer Denied
Episode 3: Judgement Day
Episode 2: Big Guns
Episode 1: Mikey's Art Opening
Episode 1: Domani Studios Bike