Amazing Interiors (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Meet eccentric homeowners whose seemingly ordinary spaces are full of surprises, from a backyard roller coaster to an indoor aquarium. Read More



Episode 12: Ultimate Greenhouse, Skatepark Living Room, Tiki Lounge
Episode 11: Medieval Dining Hall, The Basement Train, House of Neon
Episode 10: Pink Palace, Waterfall Bedroom, House of Doodles
Episode 9: House of Ruins, Racer's Pad, House of Oddities
Episode 8: House of Dictators, Bank House, Steampunk Wonderland
Episode 7: Hidden Cottage, Technicolor House, Backyard Coaster
Episode 6: Doll House, House of Murals, Shapeshifter Flat
Episode 5: Secret Boudoir, Ultimate Man Cave, Apocalypse Bunker
Episode 4: Luxury Penthouse, Cat House, Hockey Fan's Dream
Episode 3: Circus House, Recycled House, Sci-Fi Museum
Episode 2: House of Horrors, History House, House of Cars
Episode 1: Chicago Cubs Cave, Aquarium House, The Love Boat