Alphas (2011)


Genre: Na , Action , Drama , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Following the death of a witness in a court case, Dr. Lee Rosen leads a team of "Alphas", (advanced human beings) who have number of special skills that makes them a formidable team. As Rosen mentors them and teaches the team to harness their considerable skills, they begin to realize that there are powerful forces behind the courthouse murder, including one of their own. Read More



Episode 13: God's Eye
Episode 12: Need to Know
Episode 11: If Memory Serves
Episode 10: Life After Death
Episode 9: The Devil Will Drag You Under
Episode 8: Falling
Episode 7: Gods and Monsters
Episode 6: Alphaville
Episode 5: Gaslight
Episode 4: When Push Comes to Shove
Episode 3: Alpha Dogs
Episode 2: The Quick and the Dead
Episode 1: Wake Up Call
Episode 11: Original Sin
Episode 10: The Unusual Suspects
Episode 9: Blind Spot
Episode 8: A Short Time in Paradise
Episode 7: Catch and Release
Episode 6: Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure
Episode 5: Never Let Me Go
Episode 4: Rosetta
Episode 3: Anger Management
Episode 2: Cause & Effect
Episode 1: Pilot