Almost Naked Animals (2011)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Welcome to the Banana Cabana! Led by Howie, the fun-loving, hospitality-challenged manager, the Banana Cabana is home to mayhem, destruction and general debauchery... where there are no parents, no rules and no clothes... well, almost! But, Howie can't take all the credit! Surrounding Howie are his best friends and fellow employees - Octo, Bunny, Narwhal, Duck, Sloth and, a holdover from the old regime, Piggy. Read More



Episode 24: Hambo 1: Galactic Super Swine of the Wild West
Episode 23: Father's Day
Episode 22: It's Duck's Party
Episode 21: Sun Scream
Episode 20: Howie Day
Episode 19: No Howies Allowed
Episode 18: Family Business
Episode 17: Luck Be a Robot
Episode 16: The Snow-Tel
Episode 15: Don't Follow the Leader
Episode 14: The Best Friends Synchronized Dance, Ice Sculpting, Costume And Explosions Competition
Episode 13: These Sleeps Were Made for Walkin'
Episode 12: Dear Dirk
Episode 11: Mini Howies
Episode 10: Figure Fight
Episode 9: Howie's Allergy
Episode 8: Part Timer
Episode 7: Picture Day
Episode 6: Laugh Piggy Laugh
Episode 5: Insane In The Brain
Episode 4: Who's Howie?
Episode 3: The Big Burp Theory
Episode 2: The Tail of Howie
Episode 1: The Rotation Situation
Episode 28: Campaign Pains
Episode 27: Miss Surrounding Area
Episode 26: Dirk Dubious
Episode 25: Bumbag Bummer
Episode 24: Banned!
Episode 23: Cap'n Fizzy Fizzles
Episode 22: Banana Split
Episode 21: Ducking Duck
Episode 20: Camp Stinka-wah-way
Episode 19: All Night Long
Episode 18: Narwhal's Birthday
Episode 17: Octo Gets Tough
Episode 16: Wooing Warty
Episode 15: Trance Romance
Episode 14: The Lost Stunt
Episode 13: Octopi P.I.
Episode 12: A Helping Paw
Episode 11: Howie's Staycation
Episode 10: Freebie Jeebies
Episode 9: The Brother and Sister Games
Episode 8: Needle Day
Episode 7: Octo vs. Batty
Episode 6: Howie's Pet Project
Episode 5: Dr. Howie and Mr. Howyena
Episode 4: The Green Banana
Episode 3: Trash to the Past
Episode 2: The Night Shift
Episode 1: Horn Swoggled
Episode 52: Howie's Little Helper
Episode 51: The Cabana Manana
Episode 50: Home for the Howiedays
Episode 49: The Perfect Gift
Episode 48: Hotel of Horrors
Episode 47: Howiewe'en
Episode 46: Crouching Narwhal, Hidden Piggy
Episode 45: Cat's Eight Lives
Episode 44: Doll Pox
Episode 43: Stink Dog
Episode 42: Sloth Unleashed
Episode 41: Piggy's Little Secret
Episode 40: Champion Gurgitator
Episode 39: The Orange Fizzy Blues
Episode 38: Living Dangerously
Episode 37: Piggy Party
Episode 36: May the Best Loser Win
Episode 35: Candid Camaraderie
Episode 34: Kikmee
Episode 33: Who Inked the Bed?
Episode 32: Imaginary Fiend
Episode 31: Gone Banana
Episode 30: The Sun Howie Always Wanted
Episode 29: In The Deep End
Episode 28: Matter Over Mind
Episode 27: Jellyhead
Episode 26: The Old Act
Episode 25: Robo-Howie
Episode 24: Cool Paw Howie
Episode 23: S.S. Banana Cabana
Episode 22: Narwhal's Contest
Episode 21: Better Safe and Sorry
Episode 20: A Fish This Big
Episode 19: Fizz Fuzz Bang
Episode 18: Nothing But the Tooth
Episode 17: Oh Brother, Who Art Thou?
Episode 16: Cowboy Cabana
Episode 15: All Dog, No Danger
Episode 14: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch
Episode 13: Act to the Future
Episode 12: Hurricane Seasoning
Episode 11: Veggie Beast
Episode 10: Stunter's Block
Episode 9: The Ear Wax Elf
Episode 8: One Star Hotel
Episode 7: It's My Party
Episode 6: Keep On Monster Truckin'
Episode 5: There Are No Small Parts
Episode 4: The Duck Vinci Code
Episode 3: What Would Batty Do?
Episode 2: Saliva Drive
Episode 1: Employee of the Month for Life