Alien News Desk (2019)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Sci-fi

Plot: Alien News Desk is a weekly, topical animated series set in an extraterrestrial newsroom, which covers up-to-the-minute news and commentary about the universe's most baffling species - the inscrutable Humans of Planet Earth. Read More



Episode 12: The Ultimate Shape-Shifter Shaft
Episode 11: Princes of Mange
Episode 10: Bloated Acquisition Piles
Episode 9: Cumbersome Dongles
Episode 8: A Wasteland of Rehashed Dreck
Episode 7: Corrupt, Bloviating Narcissists
Episode 6: A Very Norffy Gronksmas
Episode 5: A Bunch of Space Bums
Episode 4: Simultaneous Vortex Exit
Episode 3: Udder Madness
Episode 2: Inane Utterings of a Brainwashed People
Episode 1: Ungrateful Wads of Protein