Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955)


Plot: Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense hosts his own television show. Hitchcock introduced the show, which was then followed by a short half an hour episode which contained suspense, horror, and humor. After the story, Hitchcock would come back and end the show. Read More



Episode 39: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Episode 38: Where Beauty Lies
Episode 37: The Big Kick
Episode 36: First Class Honeymoon
Episode 35: The Children of Alda Nuova
Episode 34: The Twelve Hour Caper
Episode 33: The Opportunity
Episode 32: Victim Four
Episode 31: Most Likely to Succeed
Episode 30: What Frightened You, Fred?
Episode 29: The Matched Pearl
Episode 28: The Kerry Blue
Episode 27: Act of Faith
Episode 26: Ten O'Clock Tiger
Episode 25: The Last Remains
Episode 24: Apex
Episode 23: Profit-Sharing Plan
Episode 22: The Big Score
Episode 21: Burglar Proof
Episode 20: The Test
Episode 19: Strange Miracle
Episode 18: The Woman Who Wanted to Live
Episode 17: The Faith of Aaron Menefee
Episode 16: The Case of M.J.H.
Episode 15: The Door Without a Key
Episode 14: Bad Actor
Episode 13: The Silk Petticoat
Episode 12: A Jury of Her Peers
Episode 11: The Right Kind of Medicine
Episode 10: Services Rendered
Episode 9: I Spy
Episode 8: The Old Pro
Episode 7: You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life
Episode 6: Beta Delta Gamma
Episode 5: Keep Me Company
Episode 4: Cop for a Day
Episode 3: Maria
Episode 2: Bang! You're Dead
Episode 1: The Hatbox
Episode 22: The Horseplayer
Episode 21: The Kiss-Off
Episode 20: The Throwback
Episode 19: The Landlady
Episode 18: The Greatest Monster of Them All
Episode 17: The Last Escape
Episode 16: A Crime for Mothers
Episode 15: Summer Shade
Episode 14: The Changing Heart
Episode 13: The Man Who Found the Money
Episode 12: The Baby-Blue Expression
Episode 11: The Man with Two Faces
Episode 10: Sybilla
Episode 9: The Money
Episode 8: O Youth and Beauty!
Episode 7: Outlaw in Town
Episode 6: Pen Pal
Episode 5: The Five Forty-Eight
Episode 4: The Contest for Aaron Gold
Episode 3: Very Moral Theft
Episode 2: The Doubtful Doctor
Episode 1: Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat
Episode 38: Hooked
Episode 37: Escape to Sonoita
Episode 36: Letter of Credit
Episode 35: The Schartz-Metterklume Method
Episode 34: Cell 227
Episode 33: Party Line
Episode 32: One Grave Too Many
Episode 31: I Can Take Care of Myself
Episode 30: Insomnia
Episode 29: The Hero
Episode 28: Forty Detectives Later
Episode 27: The Cuckoo Clock
Episode 26: Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?
Episode 25: The Little Man Who Was There
Episode 24: Madame Mystery
Episode 23: Craig's Will
Episode 22: Across the Threshold
Episode 21: Hitch Hike
Episode 20: The Day of the Bullet
Episode 19: Not the Running Type
Episode 18: Backward, Turn Backward
Episode 17: The Cure
Episode 16: The Ikon of Elijah
Episode 15: Man from the South
Episode 14: Graduating Class
Episode 13: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Episode 12: Specialty of the House
Episode 11: Road Hog
Episode 10: Special Delivery
Episode 9: Dead Weight
Episode 8: The Blessington Method
Episode 7: Dry Run
Episode 6: Anniversary Gift
Episode 5: No Pain
Episode 4: Coyote Moon
Episode 3: Appointment at Eleven
Episode 2: The Crystal Trench
Episode 1: Arthur
Episode 36: Invitation to an Accident
Episode 35: Touché
Episode 34: A True Account
Episode 33: The Dusty Drawer
Episode 32: Human Interest Story
Episode 31: Your Witness
Episode 30: A Night with the Boys
Episode 29: Banquo's Chair
Episode 28: The Impossible Dream
Episode 27: The Waxwork
Episode 26: Cheap Is Cheap
Episode 25: The Kind Waitress
Episode 24: The Avon Emeralds
Episode 23: I'll Take Care of You
Episode 22: The Right Price
Episode 21: Relative Value
Episode 20: The Diamond Necklace
Episode 19: The Morning of the Bride
Episode 18: The Last Dark Step
Episode 17: Total Loss
Episode 16: Out There, Darkness
Episode 15: A Personal Matter
Episode 14: The Morning After
Episode 13: Six People, No Music
Episode 12: Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore
Episode 11: And the Desert Shall Blossom
Episode 10: Tea Time
Episode 9: Murder Me Twice
Episode 8: Safety for the Witness
Episode 7: A Man with a Problem
Episode 6: Design for Loving
Episode 5: The $2,000,000 Defense
Episode 4: The Crooked Road
Episode 3: The Jokester
Episode 2: Don't Interrupt
Episode 1: Poison
Episode 39: Little White Frock
Episode 38: The Impromptu Murder
Episode 37: The Canary Sedan
Episode 36: The Safe Place
Episode 35: A Dip in the Pool
Episode 34: The Crocodile Case
Episode 33: Post Mortem
Episode 32: Listen, Listen.....!
Episode 31: Festive Season
Episode 30: Death Sentence
Episode 29: Fatal Figures
Episode 28: Lamb to the Slaughter
Episode 27: Disappearing Trick
Episode 26: Bull in a China Shop
Episode 25: Flight to the East
Episode 24: The Foghorn
Episode 23: The Right Kind of House
Episode 22: The Return of the Hero
Episode 21: Guest for Breakfast
Episode 20: On the Nose
Episode 19: The Equalizer
Episode 18: Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty
Episode 17: The Motive
Episode 16: Sylvia
Episode 15: Together
Episode 14: The Percentage
Episode 13: Night of the Execution
Episode 12: Miss Paisley's Cat
Episode 11: The Deadly
Episode 10: The Diplomatic Corpse
Episode 9: The Young One
Episode 8: Last Request
Episode 7: Enough Rope for Two
Episode 6: Reward to Finder
Episode 5: Silent Witness
Episode 4: Heart of Gold
Episode 3: The Perfect Crime
Episode 2: Mail Order Prophet
Episode 1: The Glass Eye
Episode 39: The Dangerous People
Episode 38: A Little Sleep
Episode 37: The Indestructible Mr. Weems
Episode 36: Father and Son
Episode 35: The West Warlock Time Capsule
Episode 34: Martha Mason, Movie Star
Episode 33: A Man Greatly Beloved
Episode 32: The Hands of Mr. Ottermole
Episode 31: The Night the World Ended
Episode 30: The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater
Episode 29: Vicious Circle
Episode 28: One More Mile to Go
Episode 27: I Killed the Count (3)
Episode 26: I Killed the Count (2)
Episode 25: I Killed the Count (1)
Episode 24: The Cream of the Jest
Episode 23: One for the Road
Episode 22: The End of Indian Summer
Episode 21: Number Twenty-Two
Episode 20: Malice Domestic
Episode 19: A Bottle of Wine
Episode 18: The Manacled
Episode 17: My Brother, Richard
Episode 16: Nightmare in 4-D
Episode 15: Crackpot
Episode 14: John Brown's Body
Episode 13: Mr. Blanchard's Secret
Episode 12: The Rose Garden
Episode 11: The Better Bargain
Episode 10: Jonathan
Episode 9: Crack of Doom
Episode 8: Conversation Over a Corpse
Episode 7: Alibi Me
Episode 6: Toby
Episode 5: None Are So Blind
Episode 4: Kill with Kindness
Episode 3: De Mortuis
Episode 2: Fog Closing In
Episode 1: Wet Saturday
Episode 39: Momentum
Episode 38: The Creeper
Episode 37: Decoy
Episode 36: Mink
Episode 35: The Legacy
Episode 34: The Hidden Thing
Episode 33: The Belfry
Episode 32: The Baby Sitter
Episode 31: The Gentleman from America
Episode 30: Never Again
Episode 29: The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
Episode 28: Portrait of Jocelyn
Episode 27: Help Wanted
Episode 26: Whodunit
Episode 25: There Was an Old Woman
Episode 24: The Perfect Murder
Episode 23: Back for Christmas
Episode 22: Place of Shadows
Episode 21: Safe Conduct
Episode 20: And So Died Riabouchinska
Episode 19: The Derelicts
Episode 18: Shopping for Death
Episode 17: The Older Sister
Episode 16: You Got to Have Luck
Episode 15: The Big Switch
Episode 14: A Bullet for Baldwin
Episode 13: The Cheney Vase
Episode 12: Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid
Episode 11: Guilty Witness
Episode 10: The Case of Mr. Pelham
Episode 9: The Long Shot
Episode 8: Our Cook's a Treasure
Episode 7: Breakdown
Episode 6: Salvage
Episode 5: Into Thin Air
Episode 4: Don't Come Back Alive
Episode 3: Triggers in Leash
Episode 2: Premonition
Episode 1: Revenge