Alaska State Troopers (2009)


Genre: Documentary , Western

Plot: They are the first line of defense on the last frontier, the roughly 400 state troopers who patrol the rugged and unforgiving terrain of America’s largest state — Alaska. One of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, these officers often travel hundreds of miles in piercing subzero temperatures to uphold the law. Responding by land, air and sea — with backup sometimes days away — they face danger to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska. Read More



Episode 2: Hairy Threat
Episode 1: Home Invasion Manhunt
Episode 21: Chopper Down
Episode 20: Too Much Pot
Episode 19: Hot Drugs, Icy Streets
Episode 18: Blacked Out & Belligerent
Episode 17: Deep Woods Standoff
Episode 16: Trooper Stalker
Episode 15: Crystal Meth Compound
Episode 14: Fatal Inferno
Episode 13: Drunk and Dangerous
Episode 12: Son and a Gun
Episode 11: Meth Dealer Manhunt
Episode 10: Armed & Squatting
Episode 9: Hostage Standoff
Episode 8: Grizzly-pendence Day
Episode 7: Campground Crazies
Episode 6: Bloody Warrior
Episode 5: Armed and Bootlegging
Episode 4: Shotgun Showdown
Episode 3: Alaska Chainsaw Massacre
Episode 2: Knife Fight
Episode 1: Extreme Justice
Episode 5: Cowboy Fugitive
Episode 13: Vice Squad
Episode 12: Dazed and Confused
Episode 11: Anchorage Undercover
Episode 10: Operation Moose Decoy
Episode 9: Highway Hijinks
Episode 8: Crime Under the Midnight Sun
Episode 7: High-Speed Chase
Episode 6: Armed and Dangerous
Episode 5: Shots Fired
Episode 4: Manhunt
Episode 3: Justice Below Zero
Episode 2: Arctic Force
Episode 1: Spring Break Madness
Episode 5: Drug Bust
Episode 4: Frontier Force
Episode 3: The Wild West
Episode 2: Crime on the Kenai
Episode 1: Ice Patrol