Africa's Hunters (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: A wise old leopard is challenged by a young rival; a lion cub struggles to find his place in the pride; and a lowly young hyena needs to grow up fast as the dry season takes hold. Powerful, personal stories will reveal the unique characters and amazing adaptations of Africa's top predators, followed in intimate detail, in the Zambian wilderness. Read More



Episode 6: Buffalo Showdown
Episode 5: Deadly Rivals
Episode 4: The Leopard Who Changed Her Spots
Episode 3: The Misfit Comes of Age
Episode 2: Prides and Prejudice
Episode 1: Kimba's Rise
Episode 6: Heir to the Clan
Episode 5: The Hot Springs Pack
Episode 4: The Lost Prince
Episode 3: Kings of Nsefu
Episode 2: Brothers in Arms
Episode 1: The Trials of Olimba
Episode 6: Survivors of the Plains
Episode 5: Teenage Pride
Episode 4: ‚ÄčThe Misfit
Episode 3: Bound By Blood
Episode 2: ‚ÄčA Leopard's Last Stand
Episode 1: The Hungry Leopard