Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985)


Genre: Animation , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Long ago, there was a thriving civilization of small humanoid bears called Gummi Bears. Possessing powerful magic and advanced technology, this race coexisted with humans until the growing rivalry forced the Gummis to flee across the sea, leaving only a small caretaker colony to prepare for a possible return. However, generations passed and the colony forgot their purpose even as human knowledge of the race faded into mere legend. All that changes when the colony meets a boy with a Gummi Bear medallion which unlocks the Great Book of Gummi which reveals lost knowledge of their past. Now the colony has dedicated themselves to the new goal to rediscover their heritage with the help of a few trusted humans while preventing new enemies like Duke Igthorn from exploiting that heritage to their own ends. Gummi Bears was part of what many consider Disney's "Golden Age". Read More



Episode 18: Wings Over Dunwyn
Episode 17: May the Best Princess Win
Episode 16: Trading Faces
Episode 15: Rocking Chair Bear
Episode 14: Tummi Trouble
Episode 13: King Igthorn (2)
Episode 12: King Igthorn (1)
Episode 11: True Gritty
Episode 10: Queen of the Carpies
Episode 9: A Recipe for Trouble
Episode 8: Once More, the Crimson Avenger
Episode 7: Thornberry to the Rescue
Episode 6: Patchwork Gummi
Episode 5: Zummi in Slumberland
Episode 4: Toadie the Conqueror
Episode 3: Tuxford's Turnaround
Episode 2: Friar Tum
Episode 1: A Gummi's Work is Never Done
Episode 8: Ogre for a Day
Episode 7: The World According to Gusto
Episode 6: My Kingdom for a Pie
Episode 5: Life of the Party
Episode 4: Bridge on the River Gummi
Episode 3: Road to Ursalia
Episode 2: Let Sleeping Giants Lie
Episode 1: A Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Episode 10: The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again
Episode 9: Tummi's Last Stand
Episode 8: He Who Laughs Last
Episode 7: Color Me Gummi
Episode 6: There's No Place Like Home
Episode 5: Gummies Just Want to Have Fun
Episode 4: A Knight to Remember
Episode 3: Dress for Success
Episode 2: Music Hath Charms
Episode 1: The Magnificent Seven Gummies
Episode 8: Water Way to Go
Episode 7: Day of the Beevilweevils
Episode 6: A Tree Grows in Dunwyn
Episode 5: Presto Gummo
Episode 4: Eye of the Beholder
Episode 3: If I Were You
Episode 2: Just a Tad Smarter
Episode 1: Too Many Cooks
Episode 8: Do Unto Ogres
Episode 7: A Hard Dazed Knight
Episode 6: The Crimson Avenger
Episode 5: You Snooze, You Lose
Episode 4: Over the River and Through the Trolls
Episode 3: For a Few Sovereigns More
Episode 2: Faster Than a Speeding Tummi
Episode 1: Up, Up, and Away
Episode 13: Night of the Gargoyle
Episode 12: The Fence Sitter
Episode 11: A-Hunting We Will Go
Episode 10: Loopy, Go Home
Episode 9: A Gummi by Any Other Name
Episode 8: When You Wish Upon a Stone
Episode 7: The Oracle
Episode 6: A Gummi in a Gilded Cage
Episode 5: Can I Keep Him?
Episode 4: Someday My Prints Will Come
Episode 3: Zummi Makes It Hot
Episode 2: The Sinister Sculptor
Episode 1: A New Beginning