Action Man (2000) (2000)


Genre: Animation , Action , Sport

Plot: Alex Mann is a top competitor for the Acceleration Games, a worldwide extreme sports competition tour. During a deadly accident, he discovers his special ability called the AMP Factor, which is the ability, in extremely dangerous situations, to suddenly be able to examine his surroundings and computate mathematically the best possible action. This makes him capable of performing complex and daring stunts to save the day that are normally impossible. This discovery vastly complicates his and his support team's lives as they find themselves facing villians like Dr. X, who want to exploit Alex's power to his own end. Read More



Episode 13: The Ultimate Doom (2)
Episode 12: The Ultimate Doom (1)
Episode 11: Tangled Up in Green
Episode 10: Mann Hunt
Episode 9: Mann's Best Friend
Episode 8: The Triton Factor
Episode 7: Search and Destroy
Episode 6: Rumble (2)
Episode 5: Rumble (1)
Episode 4: Tower of Power
Episode 3: Ground Zero
Episode 2: Thirst
Episode 1: Green Thoughts
Episode 13: Swarm (2)
Episode 12: Swarm (1)
Episode 11: Cold War
Episode 10: The Hereafter Factor
Episode 9: Lost in the Funhouse
Episode 8: Out of the Shadows
Episode 7: Into the Abyss
Episode 6: Double Vision
Episode 5: Gremlins in the Gears
Episode 4: Storm Front
Episode 3: Grey Areas
Episode 2: Building the Perfect Beast
Episode 1: Competitive Edge