Accident, Suicide, or Murder (2019)


Genre: Mystery

Plot: "Accident, Suicide or Murder" explores the unbelievable true stories of suspicious deaths. Each hour-long episode retraces the investigation from start to finish, taking viewers through the twists and turns of these shocking cases, from dissecting the red flags to the undeniable evidence, and strange behavior that put the tragedy in question. Read More



Episode 14: Fallen
Episode 13: In Sickness and in Wealth
Episode 12: Out of Thin Air
Episode 11: Relentless Pursuit
Episode 10: The Pact
Episode 9: Execution Enigma
Episode 8: Thicker Than Water
Episode 7: A Deadly Dose
Episode 6: Vanished With the Tides
Episode 5: A Deadly Inferno
Episode 4: Relentless
Episode 3: Lover's Chair
Episode 2: Unholy Secrets
Episode 1: Dark Echoes
Episode 13: Deadly Betrayal
Episode 12: Death In A Small Town
Episode 11: Young Deadly Love
Episode 10: Dead In The Water
Episode 9: The Cops Wife
Episode 8: In The Fire
Episode 7: Deadly Crash
Episode 6: Red Sash Death
Episode 5: A Shot in the Dark
Episode 4: The Missing Bullet
Episode 3: Twin Tragedy
Episode 2: Killer Fetish
Episode 1: Behind the Locked Door
Episode 7: Deadly Prophecy