A Wild Year On Earth (2020)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Narrated by actor Laura Carmichael, this six-part documentary series charts the planet’s most spectacular events of migration, rebirth and transformation. Over the course of a turbulent year, we witness how finely tuned creatures face the Earth’s seasonal patterns. However, in the 21st Century, these patterns are becoming more extreme, less predictable and dangerously unreliable. Across the globe, we witness the drama and the spectacle. No matter what time of year it is, somewhere on Earth something miraculous is happening. Read More



Episode 6: Nov-Dec Full Circle
Episode 5: Sept-Oct A Time Of Activation
Episode 4: July-August A Time Of Migration
Episode 3: May-June A Time Of Volatility
Episode 2: March-April A Time Of Renewal
Episode 1: Jan-Feb The Year Begins